Thursday, December 6, 2012

Luar Na Lubre - Mar Maior (Spain 2012) @320

The last 2011 celebrated 25 years of career with a splendid balance of twelve works published, more than 350,000 albums sold, more than a thousand concerts in 23 countries worldwide and numerous awards, confirming, as the Galician group with more projection within and outside the region.

Only in 2011, 'Luar Na Lubre' gave more than 30 concerts with over 75,000 spectators throughout the Spanish state. Also made a major change since joined Paula King. Thus, the band will present 'Mar Maior', an album released by Warner Music Spain, which went on sale last June 5.

Its new cd is based on work in which music plays an important role medieval, especially the Galician Portuguese, and is inspired by 'Leabhar Ghabhála Eireann', a reference book of history written by Irish monks in the century XII. 

01 - A invocacion de Amergin
02 - Romance de novembro
03 - Itn
04 - Camino de Caion
05 - Gran sol
06 - Dona Alda
07 - Santa Maria Loei
08 - Leabhar ghabhala
09 - Mandad' ei comigo
10 - Ao pasar pola Coruna
11 - Milesians
12 - Canto de arada
13 - Les set gotxs
14 - Camina Don Sancho

Bieito Romero: bagpipes and accordion
Paula King: voice
Patxi Bermudez: bodhran drum, djimbek
Xulio Varela: bouzouki, vocals and traditional Galician percussion 
Cerqueiro Xan: flutes and keyboards
Eduardo Coma: violin
Pedro Valero: guitars
Xavier Ferreiro: guitars, percussion.


Pancho Cerón said...

Awesome work! Thank you very much for sharing!
Please, could you re upload Gatos del Fornu 2002?
I am a follower of your blogs guys, this one and Cuckoo's nest.
Congrats and greetings from Chile

Anonymous said...

Hi CrimsonKing.

No new posts on Braindamage? Too bad.. I like your taste in music.

Request (once more!) I am not sure this is your cup of tea. :), but do you have Sproatly Smith: the yew and the hare? I like his music and I cannot find this one.

And: I saw the Sandy Denny tribute on BBC. Did Vivianne Blacksmith put out records/Cd's? I loved it!


Another thanks for

Anonymous said...


You probably have some obscure, very good cds/records you think everybody should hear.

You know me a bit, just post the one should i hear??:??


Anonymous said...

TY CK! :*

Ronald Bonekamp said...

nice album thks

CrimsonKing said...


Mar Maior


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload. I love this great spanish folk group!!!

Anonymous said...

A red bridge in a Japanese backyard with double

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