Saturday, December 29, 2012

Terrae (compagnia di musiche popolari) - Unknown People (Italy 2010) @320


The new production of the band from Messina tells stories of some of the most significant and harrowing moments of Sicilian history. A mature record, with a strong musical and emotional impact, in which electronic sounds, electric guitars, and female voices are added to the basic elements of the quartet - violin, double bass, classic guitar, and percussion. It is true to the roots, true to tradition, but also knows Sicily is today, not just yesterday.

01. Coru di carcerati
02. Cantu di carcerati
03. Inestra russa
04. La vida breve
05. Quantu basinico
06. Ciciri francisi
07. Attenzione attenzione!
08. C`ecu cci pensa
09. Mari
10. Si Ddiu pisci finu mi facissi
11. Unknown people
12. Coru di carcerati

Cesare FRISINA : violin, vocal
Antonio LIVOTI : guitar, electronic sounds, vocal
Francesco DI STASIO : double bass, vocal
Giorgio RIZZO : percussions, electronic sounds, vocal
Guests :
Simona DI GREGORIO : vocals
Alessandro PRESTI : bugle
Salvatore CRISAFULLI : accordion
Rosario PRUITI : corno
Magali SIGNOREL : vocal
Carmine GIAMMARINO : cello
Rosanna PIANOTTI : viola
Pablo LIVOTI : vocal
Choir voci bianche : conductors Giovanni MIRABILE and Manuela PULIAFITO


CrimsonKing said...

Unknown People (RS)
Unknown People (Narod)


Xue Bao said...

Thanks a lot for this one

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, obrigado :)

Ass: Matusalem

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort. A nice one.

CrimsonKing said...


Unknown People


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