Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Louise Ebrel - Ma Zad Ma Mamm (France 2010) @320


Louise Ebrel is one of most beautiful the feminine voices of Brittany.
She belongs to an big family of singers. It is the girl of Eugenie, one of the three famous Goadec sisters. Child, it always heard his mother, his grandmother, Victorine Goadec, and his two aunts, Maryvonne and Anastasie, to sing for rythmer the work and the hours of the day. Their repertory was vast, original and rich person of Gwerz and Kan has Boz. The Goadec sisters were also famous for their Kan ha diskan. They excelled in art to train the dancers in unrestrained gavottes and fisels. In such a home environment, the Louise young person very quickly will like to sing. She will be able quickly to place her voice and, very young person, she will acquire a vast repertory.

For a long time, Louise Ebrel sang only for the family circle. They are only very recently that it decided to sing in public, in particular with the invitation of Denez Prigent then of Ifig Flatres. It also makes it to perpetuate a tradition and an original repertory which made the reputation of a whole family since several generations. Making following the evening 'Louise Ebrel invites' given in July 2009 within the framework of the Festival from Cornwall in Quimper, 'My Zad, My Mamm' is its first album solo recorded with three artists of talents: Jean Le Floch with the accordion, Alain Leon with the Guitar and Pierrick Tardivel with the Double bass. Louise also invited young people and brilliant singers, Ifig Flatres, Sylvie and Christian Rivoallen, to divide this album that it offers to us with all generosity that one knows to him.

01 - Me Zad Me Mamm
02 - Korantinig Ha Maivonig
03 - Ar Biniou
04 - A Plac'h An Daou Brieg
05 - Pierig A Fransoazig
06 - Ar Micheriou Coz
07 - Gavotten
08 - Marig Ar Polanton
09 - Ar Rannou

Louise EBREL: Voix
Jean LE FLOCH: Accordéon
Alain LEON: Guitare
Pierrick TARDIVEL: Contrebasse
Ifig FLATRÈS: Voix
Sylvie RIVOALEN: Voix
Christian RIVOALEN: Voix.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Loreena McKennitt - Troubadours On The Rhine [Live] (Canada 2012) @320

After her latest CD release, ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’ (2010), the Canadian Loreena McKennitt during her promo European tour, found herself in a radio station in Mainz, Germany, where she gave a concert in front of 300, pre-selected, members of audience. Obviously the material here comes from her previous work, which spans a period of over 25 years. What is evident is that the role of the troubadour which she dressed herself in this CD suits her perfectly. The result has neither the sterile feeling of a “proper” CD nor the, at times, chaotic sensation caused from big audiences. As for the songs themselves Loreena McKennitt digs mainly into the Irish culture to sing about oak trees (like in the case of ‘Bonny Portmore’), the farewell of two lovers of which one is going to fight the British like in ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’, and generally speaking, about a world that hardly exists anymore.

The point here is that this world is reanimated mainly to her superb vocal abilities as her soprano voice is the perfect guide to this endeavour. If you add to that the help provided by the talented members of her band you get an idea why this time trip is rather successful. And yet one should not forget that here what we have is a New Age approach of these issues, as if the Atlantic Ocean is enough to wash out all the tensions that are intrinsic to the Irish culture, in order to transform them into sad, albeit wonderful, songs. From that point of view Loreena McKennitt is not Ken Loach and she cannot deal with a multiple layered interpretation of the songs as the film director is capable of. The quality of the songs chosen to be sung here is without a doubt superb though you might have the feeling that a more edgy approach would do much more justice to them.

01. Bonny Portmore
02. Down By The Sally Gardens
03. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
04. Between The Shadows
05. The Lady Of Shallot
06. Stolen Child
07. Penelope’s Song
08. The Bonny Swans
09. The Parting Glass

Loreena McKennitt – Vocals
Brian Hughes – Guitar
Carolyne Lavelle – Cello

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fotheringay - Fotheringay (England 1970) @320

Fotheringay is the first post-Fairport Convention album by Sandy Denny, and the group's only release. It was recorded in 1970 with former Eclection member and future husband Trevor Lucas, along with Gerry Conway, Jerry Donahue, and Pat Donaldson. The album includes five Sandy Denny compositions, as well as Bob Dylan's "Too Much of Nothing" and Gordon Lightfoot's "The Way I Feel".

01 - Nothing More
02 - The Sea
03 - The Ballad Of Ned Kelly
04 - Winter Winds
05 - Peace In The End
06 - The Way I Feel
07 - The Pond And The Stream
08 - Too Much Of Nothing
09 - Banks Of The Nile
10 - Two Last Weeks In Summer
11 - Gypsy Davey

Sandy Denny - guitar, piano, vocals
Trevor Lucas - guitar, vocals
Jerry Donahue - guitar, vocals
Pat Donaldson - bass, vocals
Gerry Conway - drums
Linda Thompson - vocals
Todd Lloyd - vocals

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sandy Denny - Sandy (England 1972) [2005 Expanded Edition] @320

Sandy is the second solo album by Sandy Denny, and is generally considered to be her best. The album was released in 1972 and begun just a fortnight after her UK tour promoting her debut solo album, The North Star Grassman and the Ravens, ended in early November 1971.

01 - It'll Take a Long Time
02 - Sweet Rosemary
03 - For Nobody to Hear
04 - Tomorrow Is a Long Time
05 - Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
06 - Listen, Listen
07 - The Lady
08 - Bushes and Briars
09 - It Suits Me Well
10 - The Music Weaver
12 - Man of Iron
13 - Sweet Rosemary (demo)
14 - Ecoute, Ecoute
15 - It'll Take a Long Time

Sandy Denny - lead vocals, acoustic guitar (2/6/8), piano (7/9/10)
Richard Thompson - electric guitar (1-4/8-9), ac. guitar (1/4), mandolin (6)
Trevor Lucas - acoustic guitar (4/9)
Sneaky Pete Kleinow - pedal steel guitar (1/4)
Dave Swarbrick - violin (2/5/10)
John Bundrick - organ (1), piano (4)
Pat Donaldson - bass (1-4/6/8-9)
Timi Donald - drums (1-4/6/8-9)
John Kirkpatrick - concertina (9)
Linda Thompson - vocals (4)
Harry Robinson - string arrangement (6/7/10)
Allen Toussaint - brass arrangement (3)

Sandy Denny - Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (England 1974) [2005 Expanded Edition] @320

Like an Old Fashioned Waltz is the third solo album by English folk rock singer Sandy Denny, released in June 1974. The album featured a more pop and jazz influenced production style, a marked change from Denny's previous folk rock albums as lead vocalist for Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, The Strawbs and as a solo artist.

01 - Solo
02 - Like an Old Fashioned Waltz
03 - Whispering Grass
04 - Friends
05 - Carnival
06 - Dark the Night
07 - At the End of the Day
08 - Until the Real Thing Comes Along
09 - No End
10 - At the End of the Day (No Strings)
11 - King & Queen of England (Demo)
12 - Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (Live with Fairport Convention)
13 - No End (Solo Piano Version)

Sandy Denny - lead vocals, piano (1/2/4), ac. guitar (5/6), el. piano (9)
Richard Thompson - electric guitar (1/10)
Trevor Lucas - acoustic guitar (1/7)
Diz Disley - acoustic guitar (3/8)
Jerry Donahue - electric guitar (4/7), acoustic guitar (5)
Jean Roussel - organ (1)
Ian Armit - piano (3/8)
John (Rabbit) Bundrick - piano (5/9), electric piano (6), clavinet (6)
Dave Pegg - bass (1-2/4-5/9)
Danny Thompson - double bass (3/8)
Pat Donaldson - bass (6/7)
Dave Mattacks - drums (1-5/8-9)
Gerry Conway - drums (6/7)
Alan Skidmore - saxophone (8)
Harry Robinson - string arrangements (1/2/4-7/9)
Bob Leaper - brass arrangements (3/8)

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