Friday, February 22, 2013

Tom McConville & Kieran Halpin - Port of Call (1980 ENG / IRE) @320

Vinyl Rip
Re-Uploaded by request

01. Blarney roses
02. The low road (K. Halpin)
03. Doctor Gilbert/Lads of Laoise
04. Trip through Holyhead (K. Halpin)
05. High Germany
06. Taylor to my trade
07. Hard luck stories (K. Halpin)
08. McGuire’s/Martin Wynn’s
09. Banks of the Bann
10. Port of call (K. Halpin)

Tom McConville: vocals, harmony vocals, fiddle
Kieran Halpin: vocals, harmony vocals, guitar, bouzouki
Bob Fox: harmony vocals, guitar, harmonium, piano

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hedningarna - & (Sweden 2012) @320

Back in the 1990’s, there was a veritable storm of folk and folk-related releases from Sweden. Amongst the vanguard were Hedningarna (The Heathens), a group not afraid to revive, build, or otherwise alter traditional instruments. Hedningarna built their sound on drones and buzzes from hurdy-gurdy and fiddles, sometimes leaving the tunes in their minimalist grinding glory, or otherwise mixing their experimentation with older Swedish and Nordic pagan cultures into sonics that sometimes bordered on the electro-industrial (re-visit 1994’s astonishing Trä album). In those heady days, Hållbus Totte Mattson, Björn Tollin, and Anders Stake joined forces with two Finnish singers, Tellu Paulasto and Sanna Kurki-Suonio, with the women adding passionate incantations of Nordic spells and primal poetry. No one really sounded like Hedningarna, then or now.

Nine years on from a compilation release, Hedningarna have been reborn, sans the dual female vocalists. Hedningarna have returned to being a trio at its core, now comprised of Anders Norudde (violin, fiddles, moraharpa, bagpipes, flutes), Hållbus Totte Mattson (hurdy-gurdy, mandora, accordion, laptop), and Samuel Andersson (violin, fiddle, percussion of all kinds, more laptop manipulation). And on &, Valter Kinbom joins to add more percussion, along with Philemon Arthur & The Dung, an obscure Swedish duo who appear on one track.

01 - Tjuren
02 - Morafjälls
03 - Träslöjden
04 - Vem är jag
05 - Hedna
06 - Mycket vill ha mera
07 - Höjdaren
08 - Torget
09 - Hedersmannen
10 - Karbonader
11 - Soppan
12 - Bonden
13 - Men va fanken
14 - Hejsan svejsan
15 - Domen

Anders Norudde: Violin, mora-fiddle, moraharpa, basmoraharpa, swedish bagpipe, willow-flute, wooden flutes, vocal.

Hallbus Totte Mattsson: Hurdy-gurdy, hurdy-gurdy dulcilmer, mandora, basmandora, moraud, accordion, vocal

Samuel Andersson: Octave Violin, octave mora-fiddle, basmoraharpa, drums, percussion, slagbordun, basmandora, vocal.

Guests Artists:

Valter Kinbom: Percussion on track 5, 8, 10, 11.

Philemon Arthur & The Dung: track 14.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey - Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey (USA 1974) @320

Fahey had started a new genre of guitar music, known later as American Primitivism, which comprised traditional fingerpicking steel string guitar techniques applied to neo-classical compositions. The Takoma label showcased such music and its roster included Kottke and Lang. Kottke's 6 and 12-String Guitar became a surprise hit and the profits funded an expansion of the label. Leo Kottke/Peter Lang/John Fahey was released to help gain greater exposure for Fahey and Lang as well as the label itself.

Each guitarist plays four solo pieces. The Fahey tracks are re-recordings of four well-known Fahey songs. Kottke would later re-record "Cripple Creek" and "Ice Miner".

01 - Cripple Creek (Leo Kottke)
02 - Red & White (Leo Kottke)
03 - Anyway (Leo Kottke)
04 - Thoth Song (Peter Lang)
05 - Ice Miner (Leo Kottke)
06 - St. Charles Shuffle (Peter Lang)
07 - When Kings Come Home (Peter Lang)
08 - As I Lay Sleeping (Peter Lang)
09 - On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean (John Fahey)
10 - In Christ There Is No East Or West (John Fahey)
11 - Sunflower River Blues (John Fahey)
12 - Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade (John Fahey)

Leo Kottke – guitar
John Fahey – guitar
Peter Lang – guitar

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