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Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey - Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey (USA 1974) @320

Fahey had started a new genre of guitar music, known later as American Primitivism, which comprised traditional fingerpicking steel string guitar techniques applied to neo-classical compositions. The Takoma label showcased such music and its roster included Kottke and Lang. Kottke's 6 and 12-String Guitar became a surprise hit and the profits funded an expansion of the label. Leo Kottke/Peter Lang/John Fahey was released to help gain greater exposure for Fahey and Lang as well as the label itself.

Each guitarist plays four solo pieces. The Fahey tracks are re-recordings of four well-known Fahey songs. Kottke would later re-record "Cripple Creek" and "Ice Miner".

01 - Cripple Creek (Leo Kottke)
02 - Red & White (Leo Kottke)
03 - Anyway (Leo Kottke)
04 - Thoth Song (Peter Lang)
05 - Ice Miner (Leo Kottke)
06 - St. Charles Shuffle (Peter Lang)
07 - When Kings Come Home (Peter Lang)
08 - As I Lay Sleeping (Peter Lang)
09 - On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean (John Fahey)
10 - In Christ There Is No East Or West (John Fahey)
11 - Sunflower River Blues (John Fahey)
12 - Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade (John Fahey)

Leo Kottke – guitar
John Fahey – guitar
Peter Lang – guitar


CrimsonKing said...

Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey (RS)
Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey (Yandex)


Donnatv said...

Thanks for posting this one. However it looks as if the running order is incorrect. I think it should be:
01 Cripple Creek Leo Kottke
02 Ice Miner Leo Kottke
03 Red & White Leo Kottke
04 Anyway Leo Kottke
05 St. Charles Shuffle Peter Lang
06 When Kings Come Home Peter Lang
07 As I Lay Sleeping Peter Lang
08 Thoth Song Peter Lang
09 On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean John Fahey
10 Sunflower River Blues John Fahey
11 Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade John Fahey
12 In Christ There Is No East Or West John Fahey

CrimsonKing said...

Thanx Donnatv for your comment.
The CD that I posted here is the 1987 release. The order is correct.
You are saying about the 1996 version that has a little change in the tracks order.
See here.

mmagus said...

Many thanks: fine musicians.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, I have it on vinyl and it's wonderful

Anonymous said...

many thanks, i have the vinyl but not the mp3 version.

Anonymous said...

As with the others, thanks for this. I used to play it on my radio show back in the 70's. It was my introduction to three great guitarists. I love hearing it again and the music has lost nothing and gained popularity.

Anonymous said...

Bought this LP upon its release and found it to be addictive. It was my introduction to Peter Lang. Was pleased to find it released as a CD, years later.

rintesh said...

Great album! Thanks for sharing this.

CrimsonKing said...


Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey


juan manuel muñoz said...

many thanks

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