Friday, February 22, 2013

Tom McConville & Kieran Halpin - Port of Call (1980 ENG / IRE) @320

Vinyl Rip
Re-Uploaded by request

01. Blarney roses
02. The low road (K. Halpin)
03. Doctor Gilbert/Lads of Laoise
04. Trip through Holyhead (K. Halpin)
05. High Germany
06. Taylor to my trade
07. Hard luck stories (K. Halpin)
08. McGuire’s/Martin Wynn’s
09. Banks of the Bann
10. Port of call (K. Halpin)

Tom McConville: vocals, harmony vocals, fiddle
Kieran Halpin: vocals, harmony vocals, guitar, bouzouki
Bob Fox: harmony vocals, guitar, harmonium, piano


CrimsonKing said...

Port of Call (RS)
Port of Call (Yandex)


lugworm said...

That's a great album, they have a beautiful sound. Thank's for introducing me to them

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, thank you!

arbor85 said...

thanks! the low road is a wonderful i've heard in a long time. they also have another album from 1982 The Streets of Everywhere.

Tim said...

This is a wonderful record! I'm not familiar with either of these two musicians. Thank you for this! I'll be looking out for more music by them.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. Thank you so much.

CrimsonKing said...


Port of Call


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