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MU - Casa Nostra [2008 Portugal] @320

Re-uploaded by request

MU is a Portuguese band that began its musical route in 2003. Searching for fusion and experimentation within the traditional music, this group is distinguishing with many music styles. With MU you can travel to several different cultures and traditional/fusion sounds. Its members play various instruments from all over the world. India, Switzerland, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, among others, are the regions from where the instruments of MU come from. This instrument diversity brings this group to a travel between a lost world and actuality, which allows it to rescue beautiful sounds from these ancient worlds.

Between flying dances, feminine voices and diverse instruments, MU's alive show is a moment of contagious enjoyment, moment where the energy flies throughout the air and rushes the body to dance in a limitless world.

MU has already two records: Mundanças (2005) and Casanostra (2008). Since 2003, this group participated in several Portuguese festivals and also win the contest Arribas Folk. Among others, we point: Sons do Atlântico, Boom Festival, Portugal a Rufar, Interceltic Festival of Oporto, Andanças Festival and Interceltic Festival of Sendim. Outside of Portugal, a MU stand out it's partaking in festivals all around Spain (Danzas Sin Fronteras, Festigal Festival, Festival Folk Plasencia, Festival La Carlota and Festival Galdames Folk). Besides that, in 2008 MU went to a world music festival in Croatia, the Zgetno Festival and in Bucareste, Romania.
Paulo Mosqueteiro

01. Karpa
02. Oi Na Gori
03. Carrossel
04. Casa Nostra
05. Circlone
06. Chapeloise de Asterix
07. Ayla
08. Emma Kalisz
09. Mog'ur
10. Saltimbanco
11. Miosótis
12. Iara
13. Viens ma fleur

Osga - Bulbul Tarang, Didgeridoo, Flauta, Bombo, Tarola, Triângulo, Bilha, Buzina,
Flauta de êmbolo, Pratos
Nuno Encarnação - Tabla, Bombo, Derbouka, Adufe, Tamborelo, Percussões pequenas
Diana Azevedo - Violino, Voz, Dança, Shagatis, Kazu
Sara Barbosa - Contrabaixo
Sérgio Calisto - Violoncelo, Moraharpa, Bouzuki, Nyckelharpa
Dulce Cruz - Acordeão
Sophie Kalisz - Acordeão, Voz, Dança
Helena Madeira - Voz em Karpa,
Miosótis e Iara Semente - Percussão em Saltimbanco
Quico Serrano - Sintetizador em Karpa, Iara Voz em Oinagori

Didier Laloy & Fabian Beghin - Cryptonique [2008 Belgium] @192

This extraordinary duo presents a new repertoire based on the meeting between the chromatic and diatonic accordion.
Didier Laloy (TREF) plays as well as lyrical and with a lot of swing, reserved and dynamic, but always subtle, with an eye for the smallest details. Fabian Beghin has his own dynamic sound with a wide scope on the world. Together they search for the perfect marriage between the force of Beghin’s chromatic accordion and the lyrical poetry of Didier Laloy. A cutting edge adventure...

01. Frost Waltz 04:43
02. Seven 03:35
03. The wooden legged sportman 04:14
04. The two pennies waltz 03:00
05. Freaks, out! 03:24
06. Half Round 03:44
07. One more night on the train 03:51
08. Ambroise's forest party 03:37
09. The drop 03:04
10. Folk Prog 04:05
11. November's March 03:43

Fabian Beghin - Chromatic accordion
Didier Laloy - Diatonic accordion

Friday, March 29, 2013

Tref - Dampf [2012 Belgium] @VBR

For ten years now, TREF has been an engine of transgressing musical research in Folk Music. These ambassadors of virtuosity have already seen a great part of the world. Concerning folk music, they played with all the great musicians of their time. In Belgium they found their way to all big stages, from Nekkanacht in Antwerp to the Montreux Jazz Festival, while passing Francofolies in Spa, the festivals of Saint-Chartier (F) and Dranouter,... In 2002 the group received the Klara Music Price.

These 4 passionate musicians fill their dialogue with traditional rythms, Jazzy harmonies, touching melodies and rocking grooves. In short, TREF is considered as a unique music genre, accompanied by a distinguished amount of Belgian humor on stage.

TREF proudly presents its third album 'DAMPF', full of steaming music which continuously pursues its current course: three accordions and a lot of percussion in search of the limits of their possibilities and joined action.

01 - Tragedie Lego
02 - Dampf
03 - Kadar
04 - Double Face
05 - Plasko O Polska
06 - Tour
07 - CBB - 19h39
08 - Pas Encore
09 - Latina
10 - Famine
11 - La Gourmande
12 - Construction Rapide
13 - Andro Hazes - Tzuica
14 - Comptine

Wim CLAEYS: Accordéon diatonique
Didier LALOY: Accordéon diatonique
Bruno LE TRON: Accordéon diatonique
Frédéric MALEMPRÉ: Percussion

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Loituma - Kuutamolla [1998 Finland] @192

Loituma’s initial incarnation was in the autumn of 1989 as a septet called Jäykkä Leipä ("Stiff Bread"), born in the Sibelius Academy’s Folk music department. The original lineup included singers Sanna Kurki-Suonio and Tellu Paulasto, who later left for Sweden to join Hedningarna.
Over the years, the group has persistently followed its own musical path, applying different musical influences to its music. It has dived into musical streams of diverse origins. One of the cornerstones of Finnish folk music is the art of singing: stories and feelings are best conveyed through this instrument. Loituma's songs convey the Finnish heritage, aided in the background by Martti Pokela and Toivo Alaspää. Another cornerstone of Loituma's art is a Finnish folk instrument called kantele, which is featured in varied ways in their recordings.
Loituma members compose or arrange the tunes by themselves, often using improvisation. Lyrics come from many sources, two main traditional sources are the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, and the Kanteletar. The lyrics are in Finnish.

01 - Hiekkarantakuhertelua
02 - Tahden Lentaessa
03 - Kultaansa Kuuleva
04 - Laulu Laiskana Pitavi
05 - Nuustielle
06 - Utu
07 - Inttajaispolska
08 - Menuetti
09 - Mikaelin Kirkonkellot
10 - Kuutamolla Kahden
11 - Salaisa Kyyneleita

Sari Kauranen: kanteles, vocals
Anita Lehtola-Tollin: vocals, 5-string kantele
Timo Väänänen: kanteles, vocals
Hanni-Mari Autere: vocals, fiddle, 5-string kantele, alto recorder, double bass, Lapin drum

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maria Kalaniemi - Bellow Poetry [2006 Finland] @320


The queen of the Finnish free-bass button accordion, Maria Kalaniemi releases her first internationally distributed solo album, Bellow Poetry. Having a twenty year professional career filled with duos, trios, ensembles, projects and collaborations, often with complex and intricate arrangements, Bellow Poetry shows Maria at her purest; she and her instrument in an informal, intimate, solo setting. Following albums Maria Kalaniemi, Iho, Ahma, Ramunder, Ambra, Trio Live in Tokyo and Airbow, Bellow Poetry is the album that reveals the essence of Maria and her music in all its melodic simplicity.

Bellow Poetry was recorded at Maria's home studios in 2005 with engineer Olli Varis who also features as guitar accompanist on two pieces. One additional outstanding feature on several pieces in the album is Maria's vocals which have previously been heard only in projects such as Accordion Tribe, Ramunder and Pidot.

Maria's compositions and performances on Bellow Poetry are inspired by Kalevala runo poem singing, pastoral shepherd music and Finnish gypsy themes. Meditative and improvisational themes are explored on one of the world's most expressive instruments by one of the world's most expressive players.

01. Kuun Henki / Spirit of the Moon
02. Salin Hämärissä / Dim Light in the Farmhouse
03. Niityt ja vainiot / Meadows and Fields
04. Ikkunan äärellä / By the Window
05. Kevään kurjet / Cranes of Spring
06. Så skimrande var aldrig havet / So Shimmering
07. Autio / Desolate
08. Sade / Rain
09. Matka / Journey

Maria Kalaniemi: Accordion
Olli Varis: Guitar

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tref - Loop to the Moon [2006 Belgium] @VBR

Wim Claeys and Didier Laloy, two of Belgium's harmonica players of the younger generation and heir percussion companion Frederic Malempré deliver 'Loop to the Moon' second album.
Of ethno - groovy rhythms to touching ballads. With Walk to the Moon they bring especially their own compositions. Invariably, the dialogue between the two accordions centrally in lead by moderator Malempré service at his inimitable world percussion.
Modern and contemporary accordion music with a touch of traditional elements stubborn.

01 - Äckem (From Äckem-Wäckem)
02 - Bering
03 - Comme La Pologne
04 - Coucourreel
05 - Dorothée
06 - Guising
07 - Jalloenal
08 - Les Crêpes Dans L'oreille
09 - Loop To The Moon
10 - Petit Vent
11 - Plains
12 - Siskawals
13 - Wäckem (From Äckem-Wäckem)
14 - Zachte Landing

Wim CLAEYS: Accordéon diatonique
Didier LALOY: Accordéon diatonique
Frédéric MALEMPRÉ: Percussion

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maria Kalaniemi - Ahma [1999 Finland] @320

by request

Enthusiasts of the five-row accordion will find much to celebrate in this splendidly performed and produced release. This is Kalaniemi's third outing in a recording studio, and she and her band (all master players) use it to grand advantage, ranging from moments of poignancy to bursts of frank melodrama. As might be expected from that blanket description, this is not a simple album of squeezebox squishing by any means -- there is nothing hokey to be found here; instead, expect some magnificent playing from all parties involved.
Steven McDonald - Allmusic

01 - Ahma
02 - Ängskär
03 - Huuma (Los Mareados)
04 - Kaamos (Polar Night)
05 - Melos
06 - Lovina
07 - Nibe
08 - Bingsjö
09 - Kamppi
10 - Namas
11 - Nautilus
12 - Arctic Paradise

Maria KALANIEMI: Accordion

Olli VARIS: Guitar
Tapani VARIS: Bass
Petri HAKALA: Mandolin
Arto JÄRVELÄ: Violin
Mauno JÄRVELÄ: Violin, Viola
Matti MÄKELÄ: Violin
Antti SOININEN: Violin
Marion GÖBEL: Violoncello
Markus KETOLA: Drums
Heikki POHTO: Saxophone tenor, Saxophone soprano
Jukka TIRIKAINEN: Trumpet
Pentti LAHTI: Saxophone alto, Bass Clarinet
Matti LAPPALAINEN: Trombone.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Luc Arbogast - Canticum in Terra [2012 France] medieval/folk @VBR

Uploaded by request

Born November 2, 1975 in La Rochelle, Luc Arbogast is immersed in early medieval world. Young student, he became interested in theater and began his artistic career at the age of 10 years, participating in the show "Transhumance" sound and light show dealing with the creation of the Val Saint-Gregoire. The approach of the medieval fantasy roleplaying (Stormbringer, Celtic Legends, Hawkmoon) gives, in his adolescence, to develop a sensitivity to the magic, history, and poetry. Discovery during adolescence traditional music has shaken its sensitivity. In fact, the album "Almanac" group Malicorne album became his bedside, alongside 'Arms illegal "Castelhemis," The cemetery harlequin "Angel and the group" Irish jigs "Gwendal. During this period, Luc spends most of his time drawing and forest walks, a discipline in which he meets some notable successes. Listening to his emotions, Luc toggle culture punk-metal traditional music, while continuing to play in the band as frontman CHAOS SQUAD, founded in 1993 with his brother Yann, combining these different styles. The group will stop in 1995, by canceling the most important concert due to peritonitis, which will bring Luc to try writing a fantasy novel, an idea he abandoned to devote himself entirely to music . Through good and bad encounters, it will make sense of things to discover his love of music. Although stormy attended school (college courses have been completely sacrificed to drawing and writing poetry), Luc remains convinced that something is possible without any educational background and without qualification.
Young adult, he endorses turn various outfits: fire-eater, model, body piercer ... In 1996, following the accidental discovery of her vocal abilities, he founded the group Angenon with Toivo Rolser whose compositions Irish Medieval experienced great success in the pub Strasbourg. It is natural that Luc decides to happen in the street, this time it has not chosen to live music, and oscillates between safety and freedom. He chose freedom. For 17 years, multiply the live shows, music and her voice will bring on many roads of France, sometimes abroad. His first self-produced album "Yr Vinur Fjall of" launching his career and will update various aspects of a musical work unfinished: 2004 "Domus", 2007 "Hortus Dei", 2009 "At the gates of Sananda "2012" Canticum in Terra ".
It is on this fertile ground that Luc now lives and continues her creative work, hoping to bring each new album the listener to rediscover the medieval world and his own sensibility. Luc is happening today all over Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain). What strikes first is the public voice contrast / physical artist and the immense sincerity of it in the execution of texts. Luc surrenders to the music with enthusiasm and discusses ancient texts dealing with everyday life with spirituality or faith indisputable.

01 - Cant del matin
02 - Aurora borealis
03 - Funtan de jovencia
04 - La daumassane
05 - Haxxaplatz am samain
06 - Aux quatres vents
07 - Ars moriendi
08 - Chrisalied
09 - L'herbe d'ongrie
10 - Oj dortin
11 - Du côté des anges
12 - Ad mortem festinamus

LUC ARBOGAST: Chant contre-ténor, bouzouki irlandais, laud, grelots
MELINDA BRESSAN: Flûte traversière
ALIOCHA REGNARD: Nyckelharpa, violon
SARAH PICAUD: Chant et voix additionnelles

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stuveu - Folkologie (2007 France) @320

Thanx to Yojikk for more this great album!

In 2007, "STUVEU" recorded his fisrt album, "Folkologie". An album with oriental influences (the "bourrée en cercle" Cacahuète Grillée), but also Reggae influences with a Madison Dub... The Fest Noz dances (Tour, Tricot, Andro...) are also very important in this album. A first album full of energy!

01. Sarthakan (Bourree en cercle)
02. Cacahuete Grillee (Bourree en cercle)
03. First step (Mixer stuveu)
04. L'hirond'est (Maraichine)
05. Folkologie (Cercle Circassien)
06. Alco 16 (Valse ecossaise)
07. Tour nicote (Tour)
08. Madison Dub (Madison)
09. Ma Jument hippolyne (Andro)
10. Toi meme (Bourree 2 temps)
11. Billee Wang (Tricot)
12. Poutchack (Ronde de St. Vincent)

Alain VÉTILLARD "Bill": diatonic accordion
Pierre MOREAU: violin
Antoine: guitar, dombra, bass, sample

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