Thursday, March 28, 2013

Loituma - Kuutamolla [1998 Finland] @192

Loituma’s initial incarnation was in the autumn of 1989 as a septet called Jäykkä Leipä ("Stiff Bread"), born in the Sibelius Academy’s Folk music department. The original lineup included singers Sanna Kurki-Suonio and Tellu Paulasto, who later left for Sweden to join Hedningarna.
Over the years, the group has persistently followed its own musical path, applying different musical influences to its music. It has dived into musical streams of diverse origins. One of the cornerstones of Finnish folk music is the art of singing: stories and feelings are best conveyed through this instrument. Loituma's songs convey the Finnish heritage, aided in the background by Martti Pokela and Toivo Alaspää. Another cornerstone of Loituma's art is a Finnish folk instrument called kantele, which is featured in varied ways in their recordings.
Loituma members compose or arrange the tunes by themselves, often using improvisation. Lyrics come from many sources, two main traditional sources are the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, and the Kanteletar. The lyrics are in Finnish.

01 - Hiekkarantakuhertelua
02 - Tahden Lentaessa
03 - Kultaansa Kuuleva
04 - Laulu Laiskana Pitavi
05 - Nuustielle
06 - Utu
07 - Inttajaispolska
08 - Menuetti
09 - Mikaelin Kirkonkellot
10 - Kuutamolla Kahden
11 - Salaisa Kyyneleita

Sari Kauranen: kanteles, vocals
Anita Lehtola-Tollin: vocals, 5-string kantele
Timo Väänänen: kanteles, vocals
Hanni-Mari Autere: vocals, fiddle, 5-string kantele, alto recorder, double bass, Lapin drum


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Kuutamolla (RS)
Kuutamolla (Yandex)


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Thank you very very much.
Do you also know and have anything from the group Freija?

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Thank you for your efforts in bringing this music to a wider audience. I hope the artists apprieciate the extra traffic you drive to their endevours. : )

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Thank you for this album. I appreciate your efforts :)

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