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Luc Arbogast - Canticum in Terra [2012 France] medieval/folk @VBR

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Born November 2, 1975 in La Rochelle, Luc Arbogast is immersed in early medieval world. Young student, he became interested in theater and began his artistic career at the age of 10 years, participating in the show "Transhumance" sound and light show dealing with the creation of the Val Saint-Gregoire. The approach of the medieval fantasy roleplaying (Stormbringer, Celtic Legends, Hawkmoon) gives, in his adolescence, to develop a sensitivity to the magic, history, and poetry. Discovery during adolescence traditional music has shaken its sensitivity. In fact, the album "Almanac" group Malicorne album became his bedside, alongside 'Arms illegal "Castelhemis," The cemetery harlequin "Angel and the group" Irish jigs "Gwendal. During this period, Luc spends most of his time drawing and forest walks, a discipline in which he meets some notable successes. Listening to his emotions, Luc toggle culture punk-metal traditional music, while continuing to play in the band as frontman CHAOS SQUAD, founded in 1993 with his brother Yann, combining these different styles. The group will stop in 1995, by canceling the most important concert due to peritonitis, which will bring Luc to try writing a fantasy novel, an idea he abandoned to devote himself entirely to music . Through good and bad encounters, it will make sense of things to discover his love of music. Although stormy attended school (college courses have been completely sacrificed to drawing and writing poetry), Luc remains convinced that something is possible without any educational background and without qualification.
Young adult, he endorses turn various outfits: fire-eater, model, body piercer ... In 1996, following the accidental discovery of her vocal abilities, he founded the group Angenon with Toivo Rolser whose compositions Irish Medieval experienced great success in the pub Strasbourg. It is natural that Luc decides to happen in the street, this time it has not chosen to live music, and oscillates between safety and freedom. He chose freedom. For 17 years, multiply the live shows, music and her voice will bring on many roads of France, sometimes abroad. His first self-produced album "Yr Vinur Fjall of" launching his career and will update various aspects of a musical work unfinished: 2004 "Domus", 2007 "Hortus Dei", 2009 "At the gates of Sananda "2012" Canticum in Terra ".
It is on this fertile ground that Luc now lives and continues her creative work, hoping to bring each new album the listener to rediscover the medieval world and his own sensibility. Luc is happening today all over Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain). What strikes first is the public voice contrast / physical artist and the immense sincerity of it in the execution of texts. Luc surrenders to the music with enthusiasm and discusses ancient texts dealing with everyday life with spirituality or faith indisputable.

01 - Cant del matin
02 - Aurora borealis
03 - Funtan de jovencia
04 - La daumassane
05 - Haxxaplatz am samain
06 - Aux quatres vents
07 - Ars moriendi
08 - Chrisalied
09 - L'herbe d'ongrie
10 - Oj dortin
11 - Du côté des anges
12 - Ad mortem festinamus

LUC ARBOGAST: Chant contre-ténor, bouzouki irlandais, laud, grelots
MELINDA BRESSAN: Flûte traversière
ALIOCHA REGNARD: Nyckelharpa, violon
SARAH PICAUD: Chant et voix additionnelles


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Canticum in Terra (RS)
Canticum in Terra (Yandex)


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Hi CrimsonKing.

Really like Luc.


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Truly wonderful!!!

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Wow! This is striking.

Merci bien.

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Beautiful! I'm in love with Sarah's voice.

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Merci : )

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Canticum in Terra


herm said...

many many thanks for this reup.
we really hope you'll continue with this marvellous collection

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