Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maria Kalaniemi - Bellow Poetry [2006 Finland] @320


The queen of the Finnish free-bass button accordion, Maria Kalaniemi releases her first internationally distributed solo album, Bellow Poetry. Having a twenty year professional career filled with duos, trios, ensembles, projects and collaborations, often with complex and intricate arrangements, Bellow Poetry shows Maria at her purest; she and her instrument in an informal, intimate, solo setting. Following albums Maria Kalaniemi, Iho, Ahma, Ramunder, Ambra, Trio Live in Tokyo and Airbow, Bellow Poetry is the album that reveals the essence of Maria and her music in all its melodic simplicity.

Bellow Poetry was recorded at Maria's home studios in 2005 with engineer Olli Varis who also features as guitar accompanist on two pieces. One additional outstanding feature on several pieces in the album is Maria's vocals which have previously been heard only in projects such as Accordion Tribe, Ramunder and Pidot.

Maria's compositions and performances on Bellow Poetry are inspired by Kalevala runo poem singing, pastoral shepherd music and Finnish gypsy themes. Meditative and improvisational themes are explored on one of the world's most expressive instruments by one of the world's most expressive players.

01. Kuun Henki / Spirit of the Moon
02. Salin Hämärissä / Dim Light in the Farmhouse
03. Niityt ja vainiot / Meadows and Fields
04. Ikkunan äärellä / By the Window
05. Kevään kurjet / Cranes of Spring
06. Så skimrande var aldrig havet / So Shimmering
07. Autio / Desolate
08. Sade / Rain
09. Matka / Journey

Maria Kalaniemi: Accordion
Olli Varis: Guitar


CrimsonKing said...

Bellow Poetry (RS)
Bellow Poetry (Yandex)


Barron said...

Thank you, CrimsonKing, for
re-upping this. "Ahma" was very tasty indeed.

Btw, the Tref posts were excellent, too.

Good gawd! I'm enjoying accordion music! What's happening to me? Arrgh!

CrimsonKing said...

Barron, have you tried Troka - Raharinki ?
Great album with a lot of accordion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Can you please upload Iho?

Anonymous said...

thanks very much

CrimsonKing said...


Bellow poetry


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