Saturday, March 30, 2013

MU - Casa Nostra [2008 Portugal] @320

Re-uploaded by request

MU is a Portuguese band that began its musical route in 2003. Searching for fusion and experimentation within the traditional music, this group is distinguishing with many music styles. With MU you can travel to several different cultures and traditional/fusion sounds. Its members play various instruments from all over the world. India, Switzerland, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, among others, are the regions from where the instruments of MU come from. This instrument diversity brings this group to a travel between a lost world and actuality, which allows it to rescue beautiful sounds from these ancient worlds.

Between flying dances, feminine voices and diverse instruments, MU's alive show is a moment of contagious enjoyment, moment where the energy flies throughout the air and rushes the body to dance in a limitless world.

MU has already two records: Mundanças (2005) and Casanostra (2008). Since 2003, this group participated in several Portuguese festivals and also win the contest Arribas Folk. Among others, we point: Sons do Atlântico, Boom Festival, Portugal a Rufar, Interceltic Festival of Oporto, Andanças Festival and Interceltic Festival of Sendim. Outside of Portugal, a MU stand out it's partaking in festivals all around Spain (Danzas Sin Fronteras, Festigal Festival, Festival Folk Plasencia, Festival La Carlota and Festival Galdames Folk). Besides that, in 2008 MU went to a world music festival in Croatia, the Zgetno Festival and in Bucareste, Romania.
Paulo Mosqueteiro

01. Karpa
02. Oi Na Gori
03. Carrossel
04. Casa Nostra
05. Circlone
06. Chapeloise de Asterix
07. Ayla
08. Emma Kalisz
09. Mog'ur
10. Saltimbanco
11. Miosótis
12. Iara
13. Viens ma fleur

Osga - Bulbul Tarang, Didgeridoo, Flauta, Bombo, Tarola, Triângulo, Bilha, Buzina,
Flauta de êmbolo, Pratos
Nuno Encarnação - Tabla, Bombo, Derbouka, Adufe, Tamborelo, Percussões pequenas
Diana Azevedo - Violino, Voz, Dança, Shagatis, Kazu
Sara Barbosa - Contrabaixo
Sérgio Calisto - Violoncelo, Moraharpa, Bouzuki, Nyckelharpa
Dulce Cruz - Acordeão
Sophie Kalisz - Acordeão, Voz, Dança
Helena Madeira - Voz em Karpa,
Miosótis e Iara Semente - Percussão em Saltimbanco
Quico Serrano - Sintetizador em Karpa, Iara Voz em Oinagori


CrimsonKing said...

Casa Nostra (RS)
Casa Nostra (Yandex)


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WOOOWWWW¡¡¡ maravillosos, muchas gracias, saludos desde mexico

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Casa Nostra


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