Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tref - Loop to the Moon [2006 Belgium] @VBR

Wim Claeys and Didier Laloy, two of Belgium's harmonica players of the younger generation and heir percussion companion Frederic Malempré deliver 'Loop to the Moon' second album.
Of ethno - groovy rhythms to touching ballads. With Walk to the Moon they bring especially their own compositions. Invariably, the dialogue between the two accordions centrally in lead by moderator Malempré service at his inimitable world percussion.
Modern and contemporary accordion music with a touch of traditional elements stubborn.

01 - Äckem (From Äckem-Wäckem)
02 - Bering
03 - Comme La Pologne
04 - Coucourreel
05 - Dorothée
06 - Guising
07 - Jalloenal
08 - Les Crêpes Dans L'oreille
09 - Loop To The Moon
10 - Petit Vent
11 - Plains
12 - Siskawals
13 - Wäckem (From Äckem-Wäckem)
14 - Zachte Landing

Wim CLAEYS: Accordéon diatonique
Didier LALOY: Accordéon diatonique
Frédéric MALEMPRÉ: Percussion


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Loop to the Moon


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