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Dick Gaughan - Live in Edinburgh (Scotland 1985) @VBR

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Recorded live in the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh during the 1984 Edinburgh International Festival.

In early January 1984, I was doing a gig in the Star Club in Glasgow. I got to the second verse of the second song and my voice went. It was 5 months before I could speak and 7 months before I could sing again. This concert was the first I had given and I was absolutely terrified. Edinburgh being my home town, the audience that night was largely friends who knew how I felt and when I walked out on the stage, the emotional support from them was like a large pair of arms giving me a huge hug; one of the most remarkable and wonderful moments of my life.
(Dick Gaughan).

01 - Revolution
02 - Now Westlin Winds
03 - Which Side Are You On
04 - Victor Jara Of Chile
05 - Companeros
06 - Workers Song
07 - Your Daughters And Your Sons
08 - Four Green Fields
09 - Ballad Of Accounting
10 - Jamie Foyers
11 - Glenlogie
12 - World Turned Upside Down

Dick Gaughan
: Vocal, Guitars

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Plethyn - Seidir Ddoe [1994 Wales] @320

Plethyn is a Welsh language folk music group that was at their zenith between 1978 and 1995. The members are Roy Griffiths, Linda Healy and John Gittings. Roy and Linda are brother and sister, with John Gittins born on a farm, near Meifod in Maldwyn.

Their style shows influence of the plygain singing of this area: simple, close harmony. They have popularised a number of folk songs very much and created new songs in a traditional style. The principal influence on the group was Elfed Lewys.

Plethyn is also the Welsh word for "braid" or "bond".

01 - Lawr y lon
02 - Cainc yr adarwr
03 - Yma mae fy mywyd
04 - Ambell i gan
05 - I ysgafnhau ein gwaith
06 - Daw ein dydd
07 - Seidir ddoe
08 - Jonnie Keenan
09 - Mae gen i freuddwyd
10 - Hyddgen
11 - Yr ochr draw
12 - O’r pridd i’r pridd
13 - Didlan

Linda Healy: Vocals, guitar and accordion.
Roy Griffiths: Vocals, guitar.
John Gittins: Vocals and mandolin.

Tudur Huws Jones: Pipe, banjo and Bohran.
Tudur Margan: Guitar

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Thanks to two generous friends (JL and XXXX064), the Folk Yourself Blog can continue for a further period.
With their donations our blog is still alive to disclose Folk music for everyone.
My thanks to them, sincerely.


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Tendachënt - La Valle dei Saraceni [2005 Italy] @320


01. Verdolin Verdolineto (trad.) / Verd (M. Martinotti)
02. La valle dei saraceni (M. Martinotti) / 'Che' e non Cé (M. Martinotti)
03. Don-na Curon-na (Pietà) (E. Avitabile - M. Martinotti)
04. La Lionota (M. Martinotti)
05. Deuit (M. Martinotti) / Il colpo della bestia (M. Martinotti) / Tempi duri (M. Martinotti)
06. La Pasiun dal nost Signur (M. Martinotti)
07. Bianca (M. Martinotti) / La sera della festa (M. Martinotti) / Piccole storie (M. Martinotti)
08. Stranòt d'amur (M. Martinotti) / Vurì amnì (M. Martinotti)
09. Buton fiurì (M. Martinotti)
10. Fra' Pataluc (trad.) / Lantaliran (M. Martinotti)
11. La Piemonteisa (M. Martinotti)
12. Quand je suis né (trad.) / Baccus (M. Martinotti)
13. Monferrina detta di San Michele (trad.) / Mala tempora (M. Martinotti) / Luvara (M. Martinotti)
14. Jacoutin (trad.) / Jacoutinaire (M. Martinotti)
15. Sòm sòm (trad.) / Ninna nanna (trad.) / Dormigliusa (M. Martinotti)

Maurizio Martinotti: canto, ghironde elettroacustiche, mandola, epinette des Vosges, scacciapensieri, zufolo, diana, piva di bamboo, ocarina, tastiere
Enrico Negro: chitarra acustica 6 e 12 corde, chitarra elettrica, mandola, cori
Bruno Raiteri: violino, viola, cori
Sergio Caputo: violino, percussioni in "La Pasiun dal nost Signur"
Gerardo Savone: basso
Gigi Biolcati: batteria, percussioni

Enzo Avitabile: canto, sax tenore, tastiere in "Don-na Curon-na (Pietà)"
I Bottari di Portico: percussioni in "Don-na Curon-na (Pietà)"
Paul James: sax soprano in "Sòm sòm / Ninna nanna / Dormigliusa", cornamusa in "Tempi duri"
De Calaix (Mireia Mena, Gemma Pla, Lurdes Rimallo): canto in "La Pasiun dal nost Signur"
Toni Torregrosa: canto in "La Lionota" e "La Pasiun dal nost Signur"
Renat Sette: canto in "Sòm sòm / Ninna nanna / Dormigliusa"
Marco Pasquino: violoncello in "Sòm sòm / Ninna nanna / Dormigliusa", "Jacoutin / Jacoutinaire", "Quand je suis né / Baccus"

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