Monday, April 15, 2013


Thanks to two generous friends (JL and XXXX064), the Folk Yourself Blog can continue for a further period.
With their donations our blog is still alive to disclose Folk music for everyone.
My thanks to them, sincerely.



Igster said...

I also thank all the people at the blog and the two doners, Many Many thanks

Mogambo said...

Thanks CrimsonKing, thanks to you and your donators I will continue to folk myself from time to time~! ^_^

Could you please reccommend some a capella albums for me? It's difficult to find something so specific by band and country because I know nothing about folk (apart from what I learn here and elsewhere on the net!).


CrimsonKing said...

Hi Mogambo.
I don't know much only a capella style albums.
The Welsh trio "Plethyn" has many a capella songs.
I will post their album "Seidir Ddoe".

Mogambo said...

Thank you! Impressed with Tablat, will look forward to Plethyn! Keep up the great work!

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