Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Folque - Landet Ditt [1981 Norway] @192

After recording the outlaws were Folque without bassist, drummer - and record label. The new members were soon in place, and surprisingly enough got Folque offers from Arve Sigvaldsen the record company talent, who had heard the single "Hjuringstev" and had faith in the group.

Your country was despite some good tracks, one of Folques weaker LPs. It CVar some tunes in traditional Folque style of these was "Gesellvise" and "Woman Killer" perhaps the most successful. Also Øyvind generous two instrumentals, "My soul, my soul" and "Fanfare" worked well, although they were quite different from what Folque had previously done. However, some of the newly written songs were less fortunate. Worst was the "Witch", which Folque was forced by the record label. Tango "Opium Dreams", which Folque had found the notes on a loft clearance, was in addition to reinlenders on the first LP, the closest Folque ever came to a "hit".

01 - Min Sjel, Min Sjel
02 - Landet Ditt
03 - Gesellvise
04 - 15 Mil Til Oslo
05 - Kvinnemorderen
06 - Liti Kjersti Og Herreper
07 - Fanfare
08 - Gamle Olaves
09 - Heks
10 - Knut Liten Og Sylvelin
11 - Reinlender Fra Amot
12 - Opiumsdrøm

Jenn Mortensen: Vocals.
Lars Helljesen: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar.
Øyvind Rauset: Fiddle, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Hardingfele, Backing Vocals.
Morten Bing: Mandolin, guitar, dulcimer, banjo.
Roald Thomesen: Bass, Backing Vocals.
Pål Søvik: Drums, Backing Vocals.


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Landet Ditt (RS)
Landet Ditt (Yandex)


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Landet Ditt


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