Sunday, May 26, 2013

Plethyn - Drws Agored [1991 Wales] @320

At their most active between 1978 and 1995, Plethyn are pioneers of authentic Welsh folk music, specializing in the close harmonies of the “Plygain” tradition.

Plethyn (meaning ‘braid’ or ‘bond’) is a very apt name for this trightly knit Welsh folk group. The three members originate from the region of Maldwyn, in Mid-Wales. Roy and Linda are brother and sister and John Gittins was born on a neighbouring farm. The folk tradition of this region is particularly rich and its influence can be clearly heard in the voices and style of Plethyn.

Linda Healy has one of the outstanding voices of Welsh folk singing, and the harmonic and natural blend given by Roy’s tenor and John’s bass provide the perfect frame for it.

They accompany themselves on guitar and mandolin and most of their songs are their own arrangements of traditional ones, but they also include new compositions, many of the lyrics penned by poet Myrddin ap Dafydd. ~ SainWales

01 - Cwm y Coed
02 - Myn Mair
03 - Breuddwyd Glyndwr
04 - Rho Wên yn Dy Gwsg
05 - La Rochelle
06 - Philomela
07 - Hon yw Fy Olwen i
08 - Y Ceidwad
09 - Ffarwel i Aberystwyth
10 - Wylaf Dros Iwerddon
11 - Y Deryn Pur
12 - Cysga Di Fy Mhlentyn Tlws
13 - Tafarn Fach Glyd ar y Cei

Linda Healy: Vocals, guitar and accordion.
Roy Griffiths: Vocals, guitar.
John Gittins: Vocals and mandolin.


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Drws Agored (RS)
Drws Agored (Yandex)


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Listen a minute!

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Drws Agored


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