Sunday, June 9, 2013

Carreg Lafar - Ysbryd Y Werin (1995 Wales) @192

Carreg Lafar is a contemporary traditional Welsh folk band. Formed in Cardiff by Rhian Evan-Jones, Antwn Owen-Hicks, James Rourke, Linda Owen Jones, and Simon O'Shea, Carreg Lafar means "a speaking stone", or "echo stone".

Carreg Lafar is one of the bands that has been at the forefront of the Welsh traditional music scene. The group has performed throughout Wales, Brittany, the United States and Canada and uses a mix of traditional and original music to convey a contemporary and fresh approach, whilst staying firmly rooted in the language and tradition of Welsh song and dance music. The material is arranged for traditional and contemporary instruments including fiddle, flute, pibgorn (hornpipe), bagpipes, and guitar, together with dynamic vocals. The group has made three albums with Sain records, Ysbryd y Werin (Welsh: Spirit of the People), Hyn (Welsh: This) and Profiad (Welsh: Experience).

Carreg Lafar released their debut album Ysbryd y Werin in November 1995. The album received great reviews from the folk music press in the UK and North America. In 1997, Carreg Lafar launched Ysbryd y Werin in North America with a two-week tour of the States.

01. Cŵyn Mam-Yng-Nhgyfraith  3:03    
02. Y Gleisiad Yn Y Gwanwyn  3:34    
03. Alawon Fy Ngwlad  4:35    
04. Cân Merthyr  3:49    
05. Ysbryd Y Werin / Mae'r Ddaear Yn Glasu  5:14    
06. Tôn Y Melinydd  2:35    
07. Hiraeth  4:07    
08. Cân Crwtyn Y Gwartheg  4:09    
09. Ar Ryw Noswaith  3:34    
10. Glan Môr Heli  3:24

Rhian Evan-Jones: Fiddle, Cello, Keyboards
James Rourke: Flute, Whistle
Simon O'Shea: Guitar
Nick Dowsett: Guitar [12 String], Vocals
Linda Owen-Jones: Vocals
Antwn Owen-Hicks: Vocals, Bodhrán, Drum, Whistle. 


CrimsonKing said...

Ysbryd Y Werin (RS) or
Ysbryd Y Werin (Yandex)


zeporro said...

thanks CrimsonKing !


Anonymous said...

Can't have too much Welsh music. Thank you.

CrimsonKing said...


Ysbryd Y Werin


Gabriel Lazzari said...

I just want to say that I'm totally addicted to this band, and I thank you for posting it in here :)
Also, do you know if you will ever post their new album here? The name is Profiad.

Karasu ~ 鴉 said...

Thanks a lot for the post of Carreg Lafar music, best regards from Ecuador!

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