Sunday, June 30, 2013

Phønix - Live [1999 Denmark] @320

Energy, intensity, progressivity. This is obtained by the mean of new original compositions, traditional Danish tunes and a unique instrumentation, merged with Nordic, African, LatinAmerina, rock and Jazzmusic. The result is a very original play style and sound, that sends the Danish folk music way ahead into the next millennium.

01 - AKK-vals
02 - Cykelmazurka
03 - Trip-trap-trekant
04 - Bjorneschottish
05 - Seljeflojtlat - Den ubeslutsomme
06 - Fodselsdagsschottish
07 - Elle-Pelle M.F.
08 - Kaerlighedstraeet
09 - Gog og Gokke
10 - En Vinterdag
11 - Polsk - Haaviston
12 - Jubelhopsa
13 - 4-ture

Katja MIKKELSEN: Flute, Violon, Bagpipe
Kristine HEEBØLL: Violin
Jesper VINTHER PETERSEN: Harmonica
Anja PRÆST MIKKELSEN: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Jesper FALCH: Percussion


CrimsonKing said...

Live (RS)
Live (Yandex)


Anonymous said...

I did not realize Kristine Heeboll was in this band. Thanks for the chance to listen to them again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this. Can you please upload their albums "Folk" and "Collage"?

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