Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank you!

More than
of visitors

Not bad ....

Thanx for all readers :)



Miguel said...

de nada hombre...

thanks to you : )

Ffred said...

You are one of the best blogs around and your taste is excellent. Long may you continue!

zeporro said...

congratulations and best wishes for a long future in the network.
thanks for your work and dedication.


Daniela said...

Tenes un blog de la puta madre y tu banda esta buenísima, ¿te sorprende? :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Crimson King & Friends. A Zilion Thanks!


semwez said...

Absolutely wonderful stuff. Why have I not found you before. I have some newer breton material and other stuff that I can share in return. All high quality MP3. Let me know and thanks for such a brilliant resource...real music ;)

CrimsonKing said...

Hi semwez.
I'd like to have your contribution :)
Please, mail me. Let's talk.

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