Monday, July 15, 2013

Phønix - Collage [2004 Denmark] @320

Collage was nominated at Danish Music Awards - Folk 2005 as Folk Artist of the Year - Traditional and Folk Vokalist of the Year.

"More than a live album, this offers a real introduction to the new-look, four-piece version of the band. They're an energetic lot in concert, but they keep a good balance between instruments and Karen Mose's very pure voice, with Jesper Falch's intricate percussion the ground of their sound as accordion and clariet bounce off each other to push the tunes. All excellently arranged and lovingly performed, and it's easy to see why they're making waves internationally."

Collage is a album with songs recorded in the summer and autumn of 2004. The recordings have been made in places so different as Copenhagen, Brussel, Bielefeld, Chicago, New York, Montreal and Toronto.

The repertoire on Collage is new and old material in the well-known Phønix style - with the intimate and intense atmosphere that a concert brings.

01 - Fantegutten
02 - Skoven Grøn
03 - Melgven II
04 - De To Kongebørn
05 - Syv Brødre
06 - Alle Mand
07 - Melgven I
08 - Den Bagvendte Vise
09 - Den Store Mand
10 - Den Døde Hest
11 - Livsvandet
12 - Rævens Arvegods
13 - Polskuet

Karen MOSE: Voix
Jesper VINTHER PETERSEN: Accordéon
Jesper FALCH: Percussion
Ole MOESMANN: Live Sounds


CrimsonKing said...

Collage (RS)
Collage (Yandex)


Anonymous said...

Thanks can you please upload their album "Folk"?

Nazareno Furguelle said...

Gracias por tanto! Thanks a lot!

Me encantó este grupo, sobre todo el disco Live!

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