Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stuveu - Ghumar [2010 France] @320

"Ghumar", the second album of STUVEU, propose compositions based on traditionnals dances (Mazurka, Valses, Polka, Pashpi, Rond de Landéda, Kost ar ch'oat). It is also a very coloured album with traditionnals musics of Turkey, of India... 

1 - L'Orientale 
2 - Atabari 
3 - Birthday 
4 - Kalbeliya 
5 - Byzance 
6 - Coricôtécoeur (valse 3 temps) 
7 - Coricôtécoeur (valse 5 temps) 
8 - Pashpi Henri 
9 - Kargizmana 
10 - Landéda 
11 - Naina Ra Lobhi 
12 - Mégateuf 
13 - Costard Cravate 
14 - Paco's cajun

Sabrina CALVO : percussions, vocals 
Thomas PLÈS : aka "THoM" : guitar, doublebass, oud, vocals 
Pierre MOREAU : violin, vocals 
Alain VÉTILLARD aka "Bill" : diatonic accordion , vocals 
Ahmed JEBALI : oud, saz 
Laurent LAIR : trombone 
Yann KADASHI : tablas, derbouka


CrimsonKing said...

My friend is back!!

Thank you a lot Dear Yojik :)
Always with good albums!

Yojik said...

to be continued...:)

Miguel said...

Merci Yojik : )

Igster said...

Thank you everyone, please know folkyourself is appreciated.Igster

daimajin said...

while unzipping im always receiving an error, i tried this password and this usual password, and none worked.
any ideas? thanks in advance!

DiegOrlok said...

Just for request something... Link expired. Hope you can upload again in the future!


CrimsonKing said...




DiegOrlok said...

Woooww!!! A thousand thanks, CrimsonKing!


Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend.
Have an e-mail address belonging to the group that?

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