Thursday, August 8, 2013

Menestra - Yaouank Forever [France/Bretagne 2007] @320

1. Scottishes
2. Passepieds
3. Mélodie
4. Ronds De Loudéac 1
5. Baleu
6. Ronds De Loudéac 2
7. Riquegnée
8. Valse
9. Ridées De Guillac
10. Ronds De St Vincent
11. Mélodie + Marche + Passepieds
12. Bourées 2 Temps
13. Tours
14. Scottishes (Live)


Yojik said...

Yaouank Forever
pass: folk_peso4nitsa

Carter Randolph said...

Merci pour les derniers post de cet été, spécialement pour les groupes bretons !! ;-)

Yojik said...

s'il vous plaît :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your collection.
Your *password* does not work for any of the files uploaded onto the site - it works for the RS uploads, but NOT for - ALL files from the uploads are corrupted and will not work.
I hope that both *Crimsonking* & Yojik become aware of this problem; I have seen others' comments concerning this problem go unanswered!

CrimsonKing said...

I did the download of this file right now.
The password is working without any problem.
I hope you have noted that the RS password is, in some cases, different of password.

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