Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mister Klof - Octopus [France 2013] @320

An album of invigorating and energetic folk music! Probably one of the best folk dance band of the moment.
1 - Three sharks
2 - Scottish à Oliver Peton / Meatballs, whisky and beer
3 - Muireann's jig / The rolling wave
4 - La prunelle
5 - Bourrée de la chèvre / Bourrée à Cayla / Pot neuve / Bourrée à Durif
6 - Ridée mod koh / The fisherman in the wardrobe / En avant !
7 - Trois tourtereaux / Octopus
8 - Les chamignoux / Bourrée de la loge / Les héritiers
9 - The downstairs neighbours / Colegram
10 - La ponote / The acharavi
11 - La marchande de mirabelles / Bourrée à Gustave Ythier

Julien CARTONNET : pipes, banjo
Sylvain QUERE : guitar, cittern
Tiennet SIMONNIN : chromatic accordion, whistle
Sylvain VUIDART : flute, whistle


Yojik said...

pass: folk_peso4nitsa

Anonymous said...

Problems with the password. I tried 3 different encoders, including one which allowed me to select various font languages (I tried about 10). I copied-and-pasted and tried hand typing. None worked. A person commented about password issues in another Yojik post using this password so I suspect there is something very specific in the zipping software used that requires you use the same to unzip.

CrimsonKing said...

First of all, are you using Pc or Mac?
If it is Mac system, you can try to use UnRarX (free) at

Anonymous said...

Mac OS10.4.11 Tried UnRARX 2.2 even though the file is a zip file, not RAR. "Source MP3/ is not RAR archive No files to extract" I had already tried Mac's BOMArchiver, The Unarchiver (which opens pretty much everything) and ZiPeg. I finally tried Stuffit 9 which I haven't used in about 6 years. It opened it. Thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

im the one who commented about the password issues before, it turned out there was a problem with this specisi Izarc's version im using (4.16). i uninstalled it and reinstalled the new 4.18 version and it worked fine, FINALLY!
since you're using a mac, i recommend you use Keka, it's a freeware and also worked well with the folk passworded archvies.

max said...

Many thanks for your rare gems! For me all work... Thanks again!

Eoin Jordan said...

Where is the link?

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