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Peut-être Demain - Gelieve de Dieren te Voederen [Belgium 2010] @320

Peut-être Demain is a group of 6 good friends who share the same passion: music! They met each other at the folk training camp which takes place every summer in Gooik, Belgium. It was there that, after several years, they decided to start a band of their own. They created their own dance folk-rock music and made their first appearance on-stage at the festival “Gooikoorts” in 2007. Linde Carrijn (violin), Lisa Jordens (violin and vocals), Michael Verlinden (Electric Piano), Gielis Cautaers (drums and percussion) and Wouter Devriese (electric and acoustic guitar) instantly captured the hearts of the audience... One month later they all but won the ball-contest of “Boombal”. Their second place did not stop them. From then on they moved forward at high-speed: the ball of Epiphany in Gooik, the carnival ball in Kortrijk and a performance at the “’t Ey” in St.Niklaas. Also on their record of achievements are the Paulus-celebrations, the Scottish weekend, the “speculaas-festival” and a first international performance at the Fers Folk Festival in the Netherlands. Next to these, they regularly perform at ‘boombals’ throughout Flanders. Wherever they appear, their enthusiasm is contagious. Their latest acquisition is Joren Cautaers who takes care of the bass guitar... Peut-être Demain plays folk-rock dance music which they created themselves. Their music is aimed at all ages: young and old, families with children,.... Their performances are regularly preceded by a dance initiation. Thus, many people are encouraged to take part in the dance and get involved in the music. E.g. in March 2008, a dance initiation was given by Peut-être Demain to the children of the primary school of Galmaarden, during school hours. The following weekend, the school had a folkball with Peut-être Demain which was again preceded by a dance initiation, not only for the children but for all those present, young and old... In a recording studio Peut-être Demain recorded the song “Julie” for the Boombal-cd, volume 2. They appear next to major names of the folk world: Kadril, Laïs, Urban Trad, Ishtar, Yann Tiersen, Ambrozijn,.... This cd was released in September 2008... The year 2009 took an excellent start for Peut-être Demain. Besides overcrowded halls such as the “Entrepot” (Bruges) and “De Centrale” (Ghent), they were praised as the best belgian ball group in the annual poll of the well-known folk site “Folkroddels”. On top of it all, folkies voted Peut-être Demain to a second place in the category ‘groups which will break through in 2009’. The summer of 2009 was very busy for them. They played at well-known folkfestivals such as Na Fir Bolg, Folk 'n Ro, Boombalfestival and a Celtic Folkfestival in the Netherlands. They also participated in the contest of "Het Lindeboom-Festival" in France where they became "Le Dauphin 2009" and took the mainprice, which was: a CD-recording. The main act at this festival was the famous Corsican group: I Muvrini. In October they were selected to represent Belgium at the Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival in China. One of the biggest festivals of South-China and even there the enthusiasm was amazing. In 2011, the band was invited to play a gig at the big Körro Folkmusic Festival in Sweden.
Discography: Peut-être Demain recorded the song "Julie" in a studio for the Boombal-cd, volume II. On that cd, they appear next to major names of the folk world: Kadril, Laïs, Urban Trad, Ishtar, Yann Tiersen, Ambrozijn,.... This cd was released in September 2008. In 2009 they were elected 'Le Dauphin 2009' at the 'Het Lindeboom Festival' in France. This means they caught the main prize, the opportunity to record their first full cd in the Wildboar studio of Erwin Libbrecht. This cd has been available since July 2010 and is the indisputable proof that this young band can, besides having wild parties, make exceptionally good music. Absolutely worthwhile!!

2.Le ciel qui passe
4.Peut-être demain
5.From Natasha with love
6.Het blijft?
10.Wals in de nacht
11.Ik bezwijk

Lisa Jordens: Viool, Zang
Linde Carrijn: Viool, Zang
Michaël Verlinden: Elektrische Piano
Wouter Devriese: Akoestische & Elektrische Gitaar
Joren Cautaers: Basgitaar, Vibrafoon
Gielis Cautaers: Drums, Percussie


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