Sunday, September 29, 2013

Accordzéâm - Balnéo (France 2011) @320

1. Les mains dans les poches (Scottish)
2. Des Hauts Débats (Mazurka-Valse)
3. Lucy in the sky with coconuts (Valse-scottish)
4. Trinity (Bourrée 3 temps)
5. La Lilloise (Valse 5 temps)
6. Englishman in St Vincent (Rond de Saint-Vincent)
7. Fandango, Go ! (Fandango et arin arin)
8. KostRaphWatt (Kost ar c'hoat)
9. Hotel Califorgna (Scottish)
10. Janis the Zombie Killer (Plinn)
11. Allez Bourrés (Bourrée 2 temps)
12. The Darkest Hour is just before Dawn (Valse lente)

Accordzéâm :
Michael Bideault (Accordéon diatonique)
Raphaël Maillet (Violon)
Jonathan Malnoury (Hautbois, Guitares)
Nathanaël Malnoury (Contrebasse)
Axelle Pringalle (Voix lead mezzo soprano)

Accordzéâm - Tapas (France 2010) @320

01. Jottish (scottisch)
02. Valhermeil (rondeau)
03. Mario (scottisch)
04. Slip Jigs (cercle 3 temps)
05. Natzurka (mazurka)
06. Bourraph (bourree 2 temps)
07. Starwars (cercle)
08. Suite Irlandaise (polka)
09. Suite Suedoise (polska)
10. F.I.N.A.L. (scottish)
11. Jopelloise (chapelloise)
12. Obsession (valse 8 temps)

Jonathan Malnoury (Hautbois, Guitares),
Nathanaël Malnoury (Contrebasse)
Raphaël Maillet (Violon, Banjo)
Michael Bideault (Accordéon diatonique)

Daniel Detammaecker, Nicolas Jourdren - percussions

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault (Scotland - Bretagne 2011) @320

A leading instrumentalist in Contemporary Traditional, British Isles, European
and World music, Calum Stewart is establishing a unique style along his way,
the sound of his Wooden Flute being fundamental to this.
Coming from a new generation of Breton musicians, Heikki Bourgault's
traditional yet modern, unique interpretations, push the limits of the open
tuned guitar.
Originally from the North of Scotland and brought up with the traditional
music of his native Morayshire, Calum Stewart has a developed a distinctive
contemporary-traditional voice. Through collaborations with a vast array of
musicians from many different genres, in the UK and Internationally,
Calum has absorbed many different influences on his musical journey.
Formed through an excisting musical friendship, Calum Stewart
and Heikki Bougault began their musical journey together in 2008.
Rooted in Celtic music of the British Isles, Calum was brought up among
the strong musical traditions of his native Scotland. Starting on the penny
whistle at a young age, Calum then moved onto the Wooden Flute.
Whilst being dedicated to the traditional music of his home land,
Calum is constantly searching for the voice that goes beyond
borders and melodies which are not geographically cemented.
Coming from a new generation of guitarists, Heikki embraces the strong tradition
of Breton musicians, whilst pushing the boundaries of the open-tuned guitar.
His knowledge of Fest Noz dance, both as dancer and musician, nourishes his composition in
the Breton style, whilst giving him a solid base to explore new ground.
This urge to look beyond borders, pushing the limits,
whilst respecting traditions is what brings Calum Stewart and Heikki Bourgault together :
With old instruments, a new sound is forged.

Calum STEWART : wooden flute
Heikki BOURGAULT : acoustic guitar
Guest :
Jacky MOLARD : violin, viola

1 - Scottishe Bihan
2 - Retour au Ty-Anna
3 - Yellow on the Broom
4 - One fine day
5 - La bouche en coeur
6 - Jolie Nanon
7 - Flight to Bogota
8 - The Cherry Tree Waltz
9 - Final Embrace
10 - Polska Jigs
11 - Vergers

Monday, September 16, 2013

Stefano Valla & Danieli Scurati - Per dovi [2009 ITALY] @VBR

Kindly contributed by gaudefroy friend

Appennino Folk Music
Deeply linked to the territory of four provinces and in particular Cegni, country of Giacomo and Ernesto Sala (the most important piffero players of the last century), Stefano Valla and Daniele Scurati are a direct continuation of the repertoire and the musical language of these musicians. Their activity is aimed at keeping alive the music and culture of oral tradition in this mountainous area and to promote the dissemination through festivals, concerts, workshops and conferences.
The duo is pursuing a dual parallel activity playing at parties in the countries of the Apennines, where the dance is still one of the key moments of aggregation (festivities , weddings, festivals, carnivals) and through exhibitions and musical events in Italy and abroad.
At the same time, thanks to their attention to contemporary cultural stimuli, and through experiences in other areas of music (jazz, classical, song writing) interpret their music expresses its vitality and their belonging to their own time.
Area of distribution of pipe, there is still strong ties to the musical repertoire, a repertoire of traditional dances before the assertion of ballroom dancing, are part of it: giga, alessandrina, monferrina,piana, povera donna, the latter with ritual connotations and symbolic details.

01 - Alessandrina cache cache
02 - Marcellina
03 - Valzer in Gennaio
04 - Alessandrina Do La
05 - La neve va con il sole
06 - Polca in La minore
07 - Alessandrina in Re
08 - Piana
09 - Il sirio
10 - Polca Ernesto
11 - Mazurca Per Tillo
12 - Occhi neri
13 - Sestrina
14 - Mazurca Dau pein d'alàs
15 - Vieni bella
16 - Valzer in settembre
17 - Il vecchio e il bambino
18 - Polca Didi di
19 - Giga a quattro

Stefano Valla: Piffero, voix solist 2 & 17, Première voix 9, 12, 15.
Danieli Scurati: Fisarmonica, deuxième voix 9, 12 & 15.
Bernard Blanc: Cornemuse (2)
Marco Domenichetti: Baryton (12)
Ivo Dominichella: Bass (12)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Free Promotion

Jack Pout and The Dirt Level
"Getting Off The Ground"

The debut album from Jack Pout and The Dirt Level, recorded with Mikey Shaw (A.K.A Junior Ras) with photography by Richard Shashamane and now here for your enjoyment!
These ten tracks of Folk/Rock happiness took only 3 days to record but around 5 months of planning, designing and crying to finally reach you. We're really proud to have made this and it was so much fun to create, we really hope you enjoy it and we are, as ever, supremely grateful for you listening to our music.
Come and have a dance with us soon!

Jack Pout - Acoustic/electric guitar and vocals.
Robbie Kuhn - Vocals, percussion and drums.
Ben Asker - Vocals and Bass
Calum McKemmie - Banjo, mandolin and fiddle.

Rum - Rum 1972-1978 (Belgium 2005) UPDATED

RUM 1972-1978


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Benoit Guerbigny en compagnie - La Généreuse (France 2006) @320

Benoit Guerbigny (accordéon, chant)
Aurélien Tanghe (guitare)
Gabriel Lenoir (violon)

01. C'est pas clair (scottish)
02. Noisette (mazurka)
03. Bourrée-Pierre labourait (bourrée)
04. En haut des crêtes
05. Cortège (valse lente)
06. Bourrée-à Jean Pons (bourrée)
07. Avant deux cercle
08. Desert froid / La généreuse (suite de mazurkas)
09. Le chat des voisins / Scottish du 29 mars
10. Madame de Francheville (valse)

Friday, September 6, 2013

MANdolinMAN - Old Tunes, Dusted Down (Belgium 2011) @320

The first fullalbum of MANdolinMAN ( Belgium ) is a real concept album. The whole album is dedicated to the unique fieldwork of Hubert Boone (Nederokkerzeel, °1940) that deserves a musical tribute. The album was recorded and mixed by none other than Luc Weytjens (

1. Polka Elewijt
2. Waltz Eppegem
3. Schottische Zaventem
4. Contredanse Ghent (In F Major)
5. Mazurka Hofstade
6. Polka Hofstade
7. Suite of contredanses 'La Rosalie' & 'La Charle Lorraine'
8. Mazurka Winksele
9. Contredanse Ghent (In A Minor)
10. Polka Hever
11. Waltz Berg

Andries Boone: mandoline
Peter-Jan Daems: mandoline
Dirk Naessens: mandoline
Maarten Decombel: mandola, mandocello

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Capercaillie - At The Heart Of It All (2013 Scotland) @320

The Scottish folk scene is booming, and Capercaillie can take much of the credit. For the past 30 years they have revived and reworked Gaelic traditional music, while introducing new songs and exploring new musical settings. It has been a bold, sometimes uneven project that has seen them experimenting with synthesisers and programmed drums, but this anniversary set is a reminder of their exquisite acoustic work. It's dominated by the fine, pure vocals of Karen Matheson, who is equally at ease with rapid-fire "mouth music" as she is with an emotional Gaelic lament about a 17th-century drowning, and there is classy backing from a band that includes pianist Donald Shaw, of Celtic Connections fame, and master flautist and piper Michael McGoldrick. There are contributions from Scotland's new folk elite, including Julie Fowlis and members of Lau, and there's still an experimental edge, with a dash of jazzy brass added in.

01. S'Och A' Dhomhnaill Oig Ghaolaich.mp3
02. The Strathspey Set.mp3
03. Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu An Taoblh-Seo.mp3
04. The Jura Wedding Reels.mp3
05. At The Heart Of It All.mp3
06. Abu Chuibhl'.mp3
07. The Marches.mp3
08. Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn.mp3
09. Fainne An Dochais.mp3
10. Cal's Jigs.mp3
11. Lament For John 'Garve' MacLeod Of Raasay.mp3

Karen Matheson: Vocals
Michael McGoldrick: Flute/pipes
Mánus Lunny: Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals, Wind Synthesizer
Charlie McKerron: Fiddle
Ewen Vernal: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Donald Shaw: Accordion, Keyboards

Album guests include :
Julie Fowlis, Kathleen MacInnes, Darren MacLean, Sineag MacIntyre and Kris Drever. - Vocals
Gerry O’Connor - Banjo
Jarlath Henderson - Uilleann Pipes
Aidan O’Rourke - Fiddle
James Mackintosh - Percussion
Tommy Smith - Saxophone

Monday, September 2, 2013

Snaarmaarwaar - Phosphor Bronze (Belgium 2011) @320

1. Ponto de Encontro
2. Writer's block bourrée
3. Crashing windows
4. Electric sheep
5. Lumi
6. San Vito
7. Carnegie Bourrée
8. Pedras Rubras
9. Thijsjes doopwals
10. Airshopping
11. Blekkerbos
12. Zero step
Maarten Decombel - Mandola
Peter-Jan Daems - Mandolin
Jeroen Geerinck - Guitar
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