Sunday, September 29, 2013

Accordzéâm - Balnéo (France 2011) @320

1. Les mains dans les poches (Scottish)
2. Des Hauts Débats (Mazurka-Valse)
3. Lucy in the sky with coconuts (Valse-scottish)
4. Trinity (Bourrée 3 temps)
5. La Lilloise (Valse 5 temps)
6. Englishman in St Vincent (Rond de Saint-Vincent)
7. Fandango, Go ! (Fandango et arin arin)
8. KostRaphWatt (Kost ar c'hoat)
9. Hotel Califorgna (Scottish)
10. Janis the Zombie Killer (Plinn)
11. Allez Bourrés (Bourrée 2 temps)
12. The Darkest Hour is just before Dawn (Valse lente)

Accordzéâm :
Michael Bideault (Accordéon diatonique)
Raphaël Maillet (Violon)
Jonathan Malnoury (Hautbois, Guitares)
Nathanaël Malnoury (Contrebasse)
Axelle Pringalle (Voix lead mezzo soprano)


Yojik said...
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Anonymous said...

Both of these cds are great. Listened to the first one and bought the second. Prefer the 2nd cd myself.

Inteligent, quirky take on folk, rock, pop and in general.

Best I've heard in a while.

tiko said...

Thank you guys you strarted to use Bal Folk tags for the bal folk album!

Tamás Dabóczy said...

Thank You!

Mario Arkus said...

Thank you! But is impossible download the file in Yandex, I tried in two differents computers. This is the message:
Nothing found
The owner may have deleted the file or closed access to it.
Or you might have received a link containing an error.

Thank you again! :-)

CrimsonKing said...

Yes, Mario.
The link is dead.
I will re-up it.

Yojik said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Yojik, and a happy new year!!!

Cheshire Cat said...

Thank you very much, I was looking for it everywhere!

Hikeno said...

The file has been deleted, could you upload it another time please?

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