Sunday, September 29, 2013

Accordzéâm - Tapas (France 2010) @320

01. Jottish (scottisch)
02. Valhermeil (rondeau)
03. Mario (scottisch)
04. Slip Jigs (cercle 3 temps)
05. Natzurka (mazurka)
06. Bourraph (bourree 2 temps)
07. Starwars (cercle)
08. Suite Irlandaise (polka)
09. Suite Suedoise (polska)
10. F.I.N.A.L. (scottish)
11. Jopelloise (chapelloise)
12. Obsession (valse 8 temps)

Jonathan Malnoury (Hautbois, Guitares),
Nathanaël Malnoury (Contrebasse)
Raphaël Maillet (Violon, Banjo)
Michael Bideault (Accordéon diatonique)

Daniel Detammaecker, Nicolas Jourdren - percussions


Yojik said...

pass: folk_peso4nitsa

Anonymous said...

Great job, thank you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Accorzéâm are from Belgium!

Yojik said...

Anonymous said...
Accorzéâm are from Belgium!


Anonymous said...

Nonsense, they are French (I thought from Avignon.)

Maurizio Turcato said...

sorry but i' can't understend ...where is the link for downloads this :-)

CrimsonKing said...

In the first comment.

Tamás Dabóczy said...

Annyira tetszik, köszönöm!

I like it so much, thank you!

Bradley Lehman said...

Could you please re-upload this, along with the other ones that were originally from Yojik? My unzipping software (I tried two different ones) says that the zips are not in a valid file format, and his password does not work in them. Thanks! Great blog.

CrimsonKing said...

Hi Bradley.
I did the download right now and it's working perfectly.
The password is: folk_peso4nitsa and I had no problem with it.
I have been used Winrar 5.1 for PC.
Or try a different computer.

Yojik said...


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