Friday, September 6, 2013

Mandolinman - Old Tunes, Dusted Down (Belgium 2011) @320

The first fullalbum of MANdolinMAN ( Belgium ) is a real concept album. The whole album is dedicated to the unique fieldwork of Hubert Boone (Nederokkerzeel, °1940) that deserves a musical tribute. The album was recorded and mixed by none other than Luc Weytjens (

1. Polka Elewijt
2. Waltz Eppegem
3. Schottische Zaventem
4. Contredanse Ghent (In F Major)
5. Mazurka Hofstade
6. Polka Hofstade
7. Suite of contredanses 'La Rosalie' & 'La Charle Lorraine'
8. Mazurka Winksele
9. Contredanse Ghent (In A Minor)
10. Polka Hever
11. Waltz Berg

Andries Boone: mandoline
Peter-Jan Daems: mandoline
Dirk Naessens: mandoline
Maarten Decombel: mandola, mandocello


Yojik said...

Old Tunes, Dusted Down
pass: folk_peso4nitsa

Anonymous said...

i don't suppose anyone has this?
triakel - ulrikas minne visor fran frostviken?

i could upload their older records if you like... cannot buy Triakel's newest record here in the US and dying to hear it!

CrimsonKing said...

I have it.
And the other old albums too.

Anonymous said...

Hi CrimsonKing,
is it possible for you to upload "triakel - ulrikas minne visor fran frostviken"??
It would be very very nice!!

Aqualung said...

Hi, anyone knows where to find Mandolinman's second album? This one is great!

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