Monday, September 16, 2013

Stefano Valla & Danieli Scurati - Per dovi [2009 ITALY] @VBR

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Appennino Folk Music
Deeply linked to the territory of four provinces and in particular Cegni, country of Giacomo and Ernesto Sala (the most important piffero players of the last century), Stefano Valla and Daniele Scurati are a direct continuation of the repertoire and the musical language of these musicians. Their activity is aimed at keeping alive the music and culture of oral tradition in this mountainous area and to promote the dissemination through festivals, concerts, workshops and conferences.
The duo is pursuing a dual parallel activity playing at parties in the countries of the Apennines, where the dance is still one of the key moments of aggregation (festivities , weddings, festivals, carnivals) and through exhibitions and musical events in Italy and abroad.
At the same time, thanks to their attention to contemporary cultural stimuli, and through experiences in other areas of music (jazz, classical, song writing) interpret their music expresses its vitality and their belonging to their own time.
Area of distribution of pipe, there is still strong ties to the musical repertoire, a repertoire of traditional dances before the assertion of ballroom dancing, are part of it: giga, alessandrina, monferrina,piana, povera donna, the latter with ritual connotations and symbolic details.

01 - Alessandrina cache cache
02 - Marcellina
03 - Valzer in Gennaio
04 - Alessandrina Do La
05 - La neve va con il sole
06 - Polca in La minore
07 - Alessandrina in Re
08 - Piana
09 - Il sirio
10 - Polca Ernesto
11 - Mazurca Per Tillo
12 - Occhi neri
13 - Sestrina
14 - Mazurca Dau pein d'alàs
15 - Vieni bella
16 - Valzer in settembre
17 - Il vecchio e il bambino
18 - Polca Didi di
19 - Giga a quattro

Stefano Valla: Piffero, voix solist 2 & 17, Première voix 9, 12, 15.
Danieli Scurati: Fisarmonica, deuxième voix 9, 12 & 15.
Bernard Blanc: Cornemuse (2)
Marco Domenichetti: Baryton (12)
Ivo Dominichella: Bass (12)


CrimsonKing said...

Per dovi (RS)


Anonymous said...

Greetings, Sadly, the new, improved RapidShare doesn't download anything. I love your blog and have followed it for years. You have exposed me to music that I otherwise would not have known existed. - Cheers

CrimsonKing said...

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The same here. Apparently, you need to install a RS manager to start downloading.
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New Link:
Per dovi (Mediafire)


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I had no trouble downloading from the new Rapidshare. No download manager needed.

More Italian folk, please! I was very addicted to the Italian folk music blog, but when it stopped posting music I felt cut off. I would be delighted to see more of that here.

Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Greetings again, I am the "Anonymous" of the first comment. I don't know the reasons for the various successes and failures encountered but I thank you for posting a second link. Download was successful and I offer you my humble gratitude. - Cheers

CrimsonKing said...


Per Dovi


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