Saturday, November 30, 2013

Altan Urag - Nation [2010 Mongolia] @320

By request

Formed in 2002, Altan Urag is an ethnic folk rock band, whose music fuses traditional Mongolian sounds with contemporary influences. The name Altan Urag can be loosely translated as "Kin of the Khan" or "Golden Lineage", referring to Genghis Khan and his ancestors. The band's vision is both to promote Mongolian culture to the world and to introduce traditional music to the young people of their country.

The band's seven members are skilful performers on traditional instruments: morin khuur (horse-head fiddle), ikh khuur (grand horse-head fiddle), bishguur (traditional horn) and yochin (hammered dulcimer) and percussion. The vocalists are throat and long song singers, and have all been trained in traditional and classical Mongolian music.

Altan Urag is Mongolia's youngest professional band ... This band was founded in March of 1998. Altan Urag plays national Mongolian music, foreign classical and modern music, collaborating with foreign musicians. Altan Urag successfully participated in musical festivals organised in China, Japan and Russia. All members of the band are professionals, graduated from the Music and Dance College.

01 - Intro (Ehlel)
02 - Kherulen River (Kherlen)
03 - The Beige Stallion (Sharga azarga)
04 - A White-Jawed Lark (Eruu tsagaan boljmor)
05 - Farewell (Udelt)
06 - The Light (Gegee)
07 - Four Kinds of Khoomei Singing (Huumiin 4-n turul)
08 - Blue Mountains in Distance (Tsenherlen haragdah uul)
09 - Mirage of Far Land (Alsiin gazriin zereglee)
10 - The Town of Jiijuu (Jiijuu Khot)
11 - Two Folk Songs (Ardiin 2 Duu)
12 - The Five Hills of The Steppes (Taliin tavan tolgoi)
13 - The Accent of Beats (Tsohiuriin ai)
14 - Outro (Tugsgul)

B. Erdenebat (Erka): yoochin, piano
M. Chimedtogtokh (Chimdee): pipe, vocals (throat singing)
Ts. Gangaa (Gangaa): great fiddle, bass
P. Oyunbileg (Oyunaa): moriin khuur, vocals (throat singing)
B. Bolortungalag (Tungaa): drums, percussion
B. Burentogs (Burnee): moriin khuur, vocals (throat singing)
Kh. Erdenetsetseg (Erka): vocals (long song)


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thx a lot, i was missing this one. Altan Urag albums are pretty difficult to buy, my bank reject all attempq i make to pay to their mongolian bank :-)
Nevertheless i succeeded to find 4 other albums, if someone is interrested.

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I program their music on regular rotation on my college radio station. Just love to blow everyone's mind!

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