Friday, November 22, 2013

Arvest - Tri Diaoul (2010 France) @320

The group's repertoire comes from very traditional music and contemporary compositions. Arvest is one of the most popular fest-noz groups.
Both singers Yves Jego and Yann Raoul practiced a pure and authentic kan ha diskan.
Guitar and piano are light and rhythmic dance.

Official site:

01 - Tri Diaoul (Pach Pi)
02 - Lec'h Ebet (Laride 6 Temps)
03 - En Bonne Intelligence (Rond Saint Vincent)
04 - Debrit Mat ! (Gavotte)
05 - Atav (Bal)
06 - Goullo (Gavotte Podou Fer)
07 - Liammou (Bourrée)
08 - Une Sombre Histoire (Pile Menu)
09 - Staget
10 - An Alc'hweziou (Valse)
11 - Kuzhet (Hanter Dro)

Yann Raoul: chant
Yves Jego: chant
David Er Porh: guitare, programmations
Aymeric Le Martelot: claviers, mélodica


Anonymous said...

Great upload, thanks! We'd like even more "bal folk" music ;-)

Anonymous said...

thanks from ukraine

CrimsonKing said...


Tri Diaoul


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