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Ambrozijn - Botsjeribo [2004 Belgium] @320

Without singer Ludo Vandeau and back into its original line is Ambrosia embarked on a new road that has captured her fifth album Botsjeribo. Apart from a few French songs this CD contains many English-language work of Tom Theuns who takes the vocals. Based on American singer-songwriter music was called in the run-up to release today. But the CD Botsjeribo more Anglo-Saxon than American.

What Ambrozijn - and this CD - so special is the next artistic delights, regularly returning to the essentials. Delicious with threesomes - like on stage - playing swinging dances, without electronic gadgets and complicated bragging. Challenging each other, searching for the right balance between fiddle, accordion and guitar. So it exudes fun on Scottish for a happy new year, the traditional Moving Cloud, Doedelyoudo?, and the Gabor Mazurka.

Ambrozijn which shows the artistic and thoughtful material easily and without any embarrassment becomes pleasantly simple back to the roots, their maturity at times. The group is unique in it. Especially in the second half of the CD increases Ambrozijn it to unprecedented levels, culminating so the song Party at Mrs. Garriocks that evolves into a rousing Sirtaki! From a dreamy atmosphere.

01. Like i was to blame
02. The days in Robin's house
03. Scottish for a happy new year
04. The disciple song
05. A Song
06. Tomorrow's memory
07. Moving cloud
08. Botsjeribo
09. Hopping
10. Gabormazurka
11. The cottage of lost play
12. Doedelyoudo?
13. Jésus qui joue l'accordéon
14. Party at Mrs. Garriocks
15. Dessus la mer coulante
16. Botsjeribo (original recording)

Wim Claeys: Accordion, Percussion, Harp, Vocals
Tom Theuns: Banjo, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Wouter Vandenabeele: Piano, Mandolin, Violin
Lode Vercampt: Cello
Kristof Roseeuw: Double Bass
Backing Vocals – Eva De Roovere, Fritz Sundermann
Violin – Isabelle Vandendriessche, Jeroen Baert, Katrien van Remortel, Luc De Gezelle


coppinsuk said...

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very enjoyable Festive Season and I hope that you will enjoy good health and happiness in 2014.

Thank you for bringing much pleasure to me during 2013 from your kindness in uploading such enjoyable music - much of which has extended my “musical education”.

Happy Holidays,

Boa Festes,

Feliz Navidad,

Bonne vacances,

Frohe Festtage,

Buone Feste,


Douglas (UK)

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Douglas for your nice words.
Happy Holidays to you and a great 2014 with good sounds.


GANDALF said...

Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo, Felices Fiestas y Feliz Año para vosotros y vuestras familias y amigos, un cordial saludo, Julio

CrimsonKing said...

Gracias Julio.
A great New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

Could You upload Anilah-"Warrior"?

CrimsonKing said...




Anonymous said...

Information about this group can be found on the next internet page:

(in dutch)

6 albums
Ambrozijn existed from 1996-2007


dondo said...


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