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Various Artists - [1996 MULT] - Green Linnet - The 20th Anniversary Collection [1996 Multinational] @256

The great Celtic-music revival that coincided with the mid-'70s founding of Green Linnet Records still gathers momentum. It has little in common with the sentimental vaudeville songs of Irish American St. Patrick's Day parties and even differs subtly but crucially from the chamber-music elegance of the Chieftains. This is a looser music, born in the pubs rather than the concert halls and aimed at dancing and singing along rather than respectful applause. The movement includes some of the world's best singers and best improvising instrumentalists. I would especially recommend the bands--Bothy Band, Silly Wizard, the Irish Tradition, Celtic Thunder, Patrick Street, Trian, Altan, and, above all, Relativity--but there's a wealth of acoustic music out there and The Twentieth Anniversary Collection is the best place to start.

01 - The Rainy Day-First You Must Learn The Grip (Seamus Ennis)
02 - Maudabawn Chapel-The Wild Irishman-The Moher Reel (Kevin Burke-Micheal O'Domhnaill)
03 - Dans Loudieg (Kornog)
04 - Oh Mo Dhuthaich (Capercaillie)
05 - Fermanagh Highland-Donegal Highland-John Doherty's-King George IV (Altan)
06 - Farrell O'Gara-The Flogging Reel (Joe Derrane)
07 - Culloden's Harvest (Deanta)
08 - A Farruquina (Milladoiro)
09 - On Horseback (Eileen Ivers)
10 - Chinese Polka-William Durette's Clog-The Boys Of The Lough (Moving Cloud)
11 - The Golden Keyboard-Mayor Harrison's Fedora (Matt Molloy-Sean Keane)
12 - Lover's Heart (Silly Wizard)
13 - Gray Bob-Cutty's Wedding-Loch Carran-Gray Bob (The Tannahill Weavers)
14 - The Humours Of Ballyconnell-Reel Eboulement-Richie Dwyer's (Trian)
15 - The Humours Of Whiskey (Tim Lyons)
16 - Colonel Fraser (Jerry O'Sullivan)
17 - Loftus Jones (The Irish Tradition)
18 - Music For A Found Harmonium (Patrick Street)
19 - There Was A Lady (Relativity)
20 - The Dionne Reel-Mouth Of The Tobique (Kevin Burke-Johnny Cunningham-Christian Lemaitre)

01 - The Crooked Road-The Foxhunter's Reel (Martin Hayes)
02 - The Cameronian Set The M'Intinn Raoir-Duke Of Gordon-The Cameronian-Lady Of The House (Cherish The Ladies)
03 - The Wishing Tree (Seamus McGuire)
04 - Ballavanich~The Boys From Ballavanich-Mrs. Crehan's (Wolfstone)
05 - Gort To Texas To Honolulu~Master McDermott's-The Plough And The Stars-Dillon Brown (Reeltime)
06 - There Were Roses (Mick Moloney-Jimmy Keane-Robbie O'Connell)
07 - Winnie Hayes' Jig-The Lonesome Jig (John Williams)
08 - Rigney's-Ambrose Moloney's (Paddy O'Brien-Seamus Connolly)
09 - The Two-And-Sixpenny Girl-The Boys Of The Town (Joe Ryan-Eddie Clarke)
10 - Bolen's Fancy-The Dunmore Lasses-The Maid Behind The Bar-The Glass Of Beer (Touchstone)
11 - No Man's Land-Flowers Of The Forest (June Tabor)
12 - Pharaoh (The House Band)
13 - Maud Miller-The Sailor's Return-Paddy Murphy's Wife (James Keane)
14 - The Celtic Lament (Eugene O'Donnell)
15 - Johnny Allen's-Sporting Nell (Billy McComiskey)
16 - Song For Ireland (Dick Gaughan)
17 - Master Crowley's-The Jug Of Punch (Joe Burke)
18 - A Jig And Five Reels The Leitrim Fancy-Around The World For Sport-Rip The Calico (The Bothy Band)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting and sharing with us, but the first link did not work. Download not possible. Get an error code from rs. Second link is OK.

Error: ERROR: Share invalid. (735d42ea)


Anonymous said...

Greetings, Before the bad news please let me thank you for your fabulous blog. Music that I would never have known existed. The bad part: Link to CD1 doesn't work. Thank you for your time - Skip

despardm said...

Very excited about this one, but unfortunately the link for CD1 doesn't seem to be working; RS says 'share invalid'. Any chance of a new link? Many thanks in advance, and for everything else as well. :-)

bloggstone said...

CD1: share invalid

HiPPi3 said...

Can u please reup Disc 1. I'm getting an error from RS.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Some music here I'm really looking forward to hearing, but the link to CD1 doesn't work for me (CD2 OK). Thanks (as ever) for all the new music I find via your blog!

Anonymous said...

CD1 - Green Linnet is Showing this message on RapidShare site:
ERROR: Share invalid. (735d42ea)

CD2 is available and downloads.

zeporro said...

thanks CrimsonKing for this compilation.

Anonymous said...

rs noboby can download there without paying a fee

CrimsonKing said...

I hope this solves the problem.

CD1 (FIXED) - Green Linnet
CD2 - Green Linnet


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Again, thank you - Skip

Anonymous said...

Hi Crimson King,

Thanks, the "Fixed" file address is working wonderfully. Another great download from your marvelous site. Always inpressed by the diversity and quality of the music.

Christian said...

perfect !
thank you

Anonymous said...

Don't know how, but I was able to download CD1 without any problems, alas, that's not the case with CD2 !


Anonymous said...

splendid! fits perfect in this time of the year...
thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Both working fine. Thanks a million for these!

CrimsonKing said...


Green Linet - CD1
Green Linet - CD2


SteveA said...

downloads working fine and very fast!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

One of our "dear" friends borrowed and managed to destroy our much loved master cd's whilst house-sitting for us.

Been searching for a copy of both cd's for ages as our working copy is starting to fall apart.

Thank you again ... from Australia

CrimsonKing said...

Cool! SteveA.
Now you can going listening until you find it to buy again.


Mike said...

I'm plagued by the same fate. Broken links. Please re-up these if you get a chance thank you!

CrimsonKing said...

In the comment with "NEW LINK" you can find working links.

Angry Potato said...

The MEGA links don't seem to load. Do you need to sign up for a membership to download?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all that great music.Nice blog,congratulations and cheers from Argentina.

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you for your words.
Hello Argentina! I love Buenos Aires. Beautiful city!

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