Monday, January 27, 2014

Hoven Droven - Grov (Sweden-1996) [Folk-Rock] @320

Re-uploaded by request

Hoven Droven's music is a unique and powerful blend of traditional folk and fierce hard rock, where violin and electric guitar duel for the audience's attention. A diverse background created by sax, drums, percussion and bass complements this combination. Keywords: power, finesse and playful virtuosity.

The band's name is a slang phrase which means "whatever" (at least in their home province of Jämtland in northern Sweden). In their case, it could just as well mean; "things will take care of themselves." Despite sometimes chaotic organizational methods, none of them are able to explain how they have managed to perform on almost every major Swedish television and radio program and in North America. Looking at their individual schedules, it's a wonder that the band can get together to play at all.

01 - Slentbjenn
02 - Timas Hans
03 - Myhropolska
04 - Grovhalling (Sample in right panel)
05 - Tjangel
06 - Okynnesvals
07 - Klarinettpolska
08 - Grottan
09 - Kerstins Brudpolska
10 - LP-Schottis
11 - Skvadern
12 - Stilla
13 - Jamtlandssangsvalsen

Gustav Hylén: Trumpet
Kjell-Erik: Eriksson Fiddle
Pedro Blom: Bass
Björn Höglund: Drums, Percussion
Jens Comén: Saxophone
Bo Lindberg: Guitar, Accordion


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Could You please upload R Carlos Nakai, Peter Kater & Nawang Khechog - Winds of Devotion ?

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Sorry, I don't have it.

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check last comments

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Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!

I have not one but two songs in the compilation "Nordic Roots" Vol 1 Vol 2 y Vol 3

Regards from Argentina!

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How about this

anyone could upload links??

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I think it is not Folk music. New Age maybe.
Well, try to find it in Soulseek.

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this is such a great album. thanks!

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