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Pekel - Mannen Van De Maas [1993 Netherlands] @192

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The ensemble Pekel performs exuberant folk music from the Low Lands in its own
inimitable contemporary style. In Pekel’s set of instruments, we find traditional instruments like bagpipes, Jew’s harps, and flutes, but also “new” instruments like accordion, guitar, and double-bass.

The ensemble's name comes from a liquor that local fishermen used to drink.

Pekel was founded in 1990 and now (2013) consists of 5 musicians. The members
all are professional musicians since time immemorial, and have recorded many LPs and CDs in various ensembles (notably Perelaar).  Pekel is playing in theatres, schools, at fairs and banquets, as well as festivals worldwide.

The musicians of Pekel are not only interested in old Dutch sources, but also in the music recorded by ethnomusicologists during the 1950s and 1960s. However they like to apply modern popular music theories to their essentially traditional repertoire. In recent years they have included more and more own compositions into their repertoire. A fair part of Pekel’s repertoire consists of instrumental dance music (polka’s, waltzes, madlots).

01 - De Kermis
02 - Te Haarlem in Den Houte
03 - Koos en Toos
04 - Mannen Van de Maas
05 - Smouse Groenmarkt
06 - Jan Mijne Man / We Hebben Een Vos, Een Wolf en Een Haas
07 - Oue Mazurka / Luchtige Maagden
08 - Gabriel en Janneke
09 - Lage Landen / KlompendansDe Rommelpot
10 - De Troubadour
11 - Pelgrimstocht
12 - Ik Klom de Boom Al Oppe / Juzaine
13 - Anna Jacoba

John Bazuijnen: Vocals, double bass, guitar.
Peter Moree: Vocals, guitar, charango, recorder, bells.
Kees Wagenaar: Vocals, accordion, hrdy-gurdy.
Theo Schuurmans: Vocals, bagpipies, harp, tinwhistle, woodwhistle, flute, 
bodhran, percussion.


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