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Sourdeline - Jeanne D'aymé [1978 France] @320

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Stylistically one could compare the vocal harmonies on some tracks to Malicorne, its medieval inspirations to Tarentule, and a few exotic touches has made some associate Emmanuelle Parrerin with it. Most of the album is rather sparsely arranged in a rather pastoral way, with a few folk dance movements and an acoustic percussive track. The female lead voice is lovely, like in Malicorne’s band, but also the lead male voice has a beautiful softness. Instruments like bto in the mix. The original inspirations on old music make something reborn in a rooted tradition alone worth keeping vivid, like Sourdeline also does.

The band name Sourdeline refers to the earliest bagpipe invented by a Frenchman in Italy Baptiste Riva, an instrument with 4 chanters and a complex key system, and which had an extra pump like an accordion which allowed a steady flow. This instrument could work as a reference to the old music, but more specifically the band just liked the sonority of word, which fitted well to their music (as a sort of lyrical explorative gentleness a matter of speaking). 

01 - Au Roc D'Anglars
02 - La Fontaine
03 - La Belle Abandonnée
04 - Ronde De Mai
05 - Jeanne D'Aymé
06 - Voici La Saint Jean Et La Saint Pierre
07 - Complainte
08 - Hé là où vas-tu donc ?
09 - Si J'Avais Un Galant
10 - Ils Sont Bien Peles
11 - La légende de Saint Nicolas
12 - Trois Danses
13 - Unknown

Catherine Burban (chant, dulcimer)
Jean-Pierre Dallongeville (chant, sitar)
Jean-Pierre Danielsen (chant, flute)
Jacky Izambert (chant, tabla, percussion)
Alain Lousteau (chant, percussion)


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Jeanne D'ayme

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Merci! C'est très joli.

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Thanks very much. Sitar works so well in this context!

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Jeanne D'ayme

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

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i know this is kind of lame, but can you please re-Upload this once again, it'll be very appreciated & i'll make sure not to miss it this time x), Merci bien d'avance et bonne continution pour ce beau blog que je trouve interessant et bien orienté.// Bless you.

Nathan Duthoy said...

You can always download track by track here:

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