Friday, January 10, 2014

Sourdeline - La Reine Blanche [1976 France] @320

Re-uploaded by request

On the first release by Sourdeline, their roots in traditional folk is very clear, improvising on the melodies and songs and dance rhythms of the old music with repetitive patterns and beautiful arranged harmonies on the tunes. They developed their own combination of folk instruments that would develop the right atmosphere : simple bodhran-like hand drum rhythms, bowed psalter and zither, acoustic guitar and crumhorn with violin and vocals are the foundations also for further development of a new song repertoire that would fit with the old songs so that a revival of these ideas, present in a setting travelling amongst ordinary or common folks, is established, a reinvention of the minstrel principle for common people. The female lead singer has a very convincing beautiful voice for it, the male singers an absolute support. On two tracks we can hear the Bert Jansch with John Renbourn influence more clearly, overshadowed or adapted by the medieval arrangements. This album shows a fine foundation for practical French minstrel music and of the Sourdeline style in general.

01 - Le Château De Chantelle
02 - La Dent Du Loup
03 - La Belle Est Au Jardin D'Amour
04 - M'en Vas À La Fontaine
05 - C'est À Ville
06 - Mon Petit Frère
07 - La Reine Blanche
08 - J'Ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard, Le Lièvre
09 - Princesse De Rien
10 - Le Chaudron
11 - L'Eglantine Est Eclose / Lève-Toi Donc Belle / Quand Mon Père Il M'A Mariée

Catherine (chant, dulcimer)
Pascale (violon)
Dada (chant, guitare, madolocelle)
Jacky (chant, tabla, percussion)
Sésen (chant, flute, cromorne, dulcimer)


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La Reine Blanche


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La Reine Blanche


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