Friday, February 28, 2014

Startijenn - El-TaQa [2013 France / Bretagne] @320

For a long time, Startijenn was this band of ultra-talented teen-agers, full of energy (startijenn in breton language ), that fired-up fest-noz, powerfully mixing traditionnal music and rock. These young lads brought a fresh and new sound into the fest-noz field, but also into world music. Fifteen years later the kids have grown, and their talent also. Their minds and ears open on the world, and thanks to the hundreds of musical encounters that ponctuated their musical carrier, they integrated to their original sound different inspirations drawn from music from all over the world. (La Carene - Concert Hall) Fifteen years after their beginnings, and after performing all over Europe, the most rock'n'roll band of the fest-noz scene decided to reinvent itself, to reinterpret their most well known tunes for a new show called El-TaQa. The singer Sofiane Saidi, inspired by Cheika Rimiti, Oum Kalthoum, Otis Redding, incorporates his voice and his language to the compositions of the breton musicians. On stage, his charisma, his rap and traditional style will surprise the audience. Between breton and algerian music, rock and hip-hop : we promise you a heated atmosfere.
(Sylvain Girault - Festival Eurofonik)

01. Mwalfa (6:08)   
02. Istakhbar (2:21)   
03. Pakit holl Sidi Bel Abbès (6:44)      
04. Ketrou lefkar (8:08)   
05. Hir ! (6:40)
06. Noz ar zapaj (5:06)
07. Gamil El-TaQa (5:40)
08. Droug-red (5:58)
09. Gasbah El-TaQa (6:47)

Tangi LE GALL-CARRE : button accordion
Tangi OILLO : guitar
Youn ROUE : bombarde & voice
Lionel LE PAGE : biniou, bombard & uilleann-pipes
Kaou GWENN : percussions

Sofiane SAIDI : singing (Natacha Atlas, Yog Sototh, Tukuleur, Naab)
Jérôme KERIHUEL : percussions (Didier Squiban)
Erwan MOAL : electric guitar (Le Bour-Bodros Quintet, Kadja, Christian Lemaître)
Erwan VOLANT : bass guitar (Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra, Hamon-Martin Quintet, Gilles Le Bigot, Sylvain Barou)


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