Sunday, March 9, 2014

Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila - Åkerö [2012 Finland] @VBR

Accordionist Maria Kalaniemi and pianist Timo Alakotila have been working together for more than two decades. During this highly active and productive period collabrating in many formations,most notably as prime components in the contemporary acoustic ensemble Aldargaz,Maria's and Timo's musical alliance has grown as tight and as complimentary as can be imagined.Simultaneously soloists and accompanists,with instruments themselves that are both solo and accompanying instruments,Maria and Timo play extraordinarily sympathetically with each other,both deeply sensitive to the roles and relations of each other's hands,as if all four were part of the same being.
During these twenty years of playing,performing,composing and arranging together,each element of Maria's and Timo's musical style and character,individually and collectively,has matured:their virtuosy continues to improve to increasingly staggering levels while the delicate melodic force of their arrangements and compositions grows ever more potent.The ease and lightness of the performances creates a feeling of space and timelessness
that,like all Timo's and Maria's music,seduces and subdues like nothing else.

01 - Åkerö
02 - Syyssoitto
03 - Koskaan et muuttua saa
04 - Kaipaus
05 - Viola
06 - Yötuulet
07 - Kohti Pispalaa
08 - Trädet
09 - Grönbacka
10 - Kengo-Antas vals
11 - Ta in hiid in fiol
12 - Vaiennut viulu
13 - Silta
14 - Soittajan kaipuu

Maria KALANIEMI: Accordéon
Tero LINDBERG: Trompette
Heikki POHTO: Saxophone alto
Antti RISSANEN: Trombone
Anssi NYKÄNEN: Drums, Percussion.


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Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Sutter Cane said...

I Love this woman!!! An unknown album for me. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to Maria Kalaniemi.

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Hello, how are you doing! I'm looking for Maria Kalaniemi's self titled ablum from 1992, with an amazing and peaceful song called, "Tähdet Taivahalla". If there's a chance you could upload this álbum, I'll be very grateful. Thank you for the music! You've been doing an incredible job! Take care, please. Farewell.

CrimsonKing said...

Maria Kalaniemi's self titled as uploaded.

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