Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tannas - Suilean Dubh [1999 Scotland] @192

I do not know whether it is quiet in Scotland, having come no closer to that fabled land than the odd can of Tennant's Strong Lager. I do know that there is little quiet, little peace, where I live; each nap, every reverie is subject to clamorous intrusion by emergency vehicle sirens, cruising hip-hop sub-woofers, even the pop and rattle of gunfire. Provided I play it loud enough, this second release from Tannas, the duo of Amy Geddes and Sandra Mackay, offers 46 minutes of aural asylum from urban America. And no matter how loudly "Suilean Dubh" 
played, a deep peace flows from its traditional and traditionally styled pieces, updated for the new millennium by fine supporting musicians with electric guitars, synthesized keyboards, creative percussion, and loops. This paradoxical peace is not of the insipid New Age sort, living musical traditions melted into anonymity by synthesized solvent, but the result of carefully calibrated instrumental production, and especially of Mackay's pretty lead vocals, calming even on lively numbers, assuming an aching and fragile loveliness in harmony with those of Geddes.

"Suilean Dubh" is unique in its tasteful melding of contemporary and traditional Celtic musical influences, neither sacrificed in the bargain

Jim Foley (

01. Suilean Dubh 
02. Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn - The Lochaber Badger 
03. Andy's Saltire - Fear a Bhios Fada Gun Phosadh 
04. Illean a I 
05. Bi Falbh O'n Uinneig 
06. 'S Toigh Leam Cruinneag Dhonn Nam Bo (Tribute to Na H-Oganaich)
07. Catharis - Haighaidh - Lexy Macaskill
08. Air a' Ghille tha mo Run
09. Caitlin
10. Thoir Dhomh do Lamh - Ruidhleadh na Coilich Dhubha
11. Buain na Rainich


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