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Duo Eric Liorzou - Thomas Bocher - An dre nevez [France/Bretagne 2012] @320

Re-uped by request.
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1. Ton bale an dre nevez 4:41
2. E pardon Speiet 4:46
3. Cinq, vingt, cent ! 5:43
4. Seven gurdies 4:58
5. Tournez, tournez donc 4:38
6. Scottige de huit 4:18
7. Rond des vous à Loudia 4:20
8. Le bal du Bourbon 2:00
9. La rondcontre 3:44
10. La rondqueniée 2:02
11. Jakez Patatez 4:17
12. La compil' est menue 9:32
13. Y'a plus d'saisons 5:02

Eric Liorzou Vocal and guitars
Started learning guitar at the age of nine, joined the  Bagad Brest Sant Mark (Breton Pipe Band ) to study the scottisch snare drum.He played with them for over ten years ...
In 1973, he co-founded the band BLEIZI RUZ and became a professionnal musician in 1980.
Since then, he has played his guitars in Festou-Noz (Breton dance feasts) and festivals both in  Brittany and  all over the world.
He has composed, played, recorded or produced over 30 (albums) records (and CDs) with Bleizi Ruz and other artists such as : Jake Walton, Hopi Hopkins, Patrick Ewen, JL Roudaut, Leilia, Jakez Ar Borgn, Loar Gann.....
Over the last years, he has developed his singing, especially to serve the dancing répertoire. Today and more than ever, his guitars are still ringing 


Thomas Bocher Flutes, saxophones and vocals
Thomas was very young when he first discovered the Festou-Noz, and improved his breton dancing with the Paimpol Cercle Celtique Angéla Duval.
He joined the Bagad of Paimpol to learn the bombard, before moving to what  became his main instrument : the wooden flute.
In 1994 in started teaching flute at the Lannion Cultural Center and at Paimpol School of Music.
A few years later, he took part in jazz workshops at St Brieuc Conservatory to improve rythm, harmony and improvisation.
Through various experiments and meetings, he became more and more comfortable with many different styles of music, composition, and recording. He has now added alto and soprano saxophones as well as singing to his many skills.


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