Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gatos del Fornu - Na Cai (Spain 2008) @320

Gatos del Fornu is a group emerged from a traditional Bandina formation has been gradually evolving into a closer typical Asturian folk group training, but failed to completely abandoning its first incarnation. In Na Cai, Gatos del Fornu still retain elements Bandina although the arrangements are increasingly elaborate.

01 - El chigre
02 - Mar
03 - Temperendengue
04 - Ramu
05 - Saldiguera
06 - Saltones de l'Arena
07 - Son d'Arriba
08 - Xota Xedré
09 - Ayer vite na fonte
10 - Careo
11 - La danza

Guillermo Pérez (gaita, whistles)
Miguel Ángel Fernández (acordeón diatónico)
Daniel Díez (guitarra)
Moisés Cortina (tambor y cajón) 
Raúl Alonso (pandero y pandereta). 
Silvia Quesada (voz principal, panderetas)
Rubén Bueno (flauta, whistles, voz)
Moisés Álvarez (bouzouki)
Luis Senén Fernández (bajo).


CrimsonKing said...

Na Cai


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're back, I've been checking in regularly. Thank you very much for these offerings, especially Lau which was a new band to me. If you happen to have "Nordic City" or the "Live" album by Swedish trio Bazar Blå I would be even more grateful.

Best regards from Max in Scandinavia

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