Friday, November 28, 2014

June Tabor - Airs & Graces (1976 England) - 1989 Remaster @320


June Tabor's first solo record is an understated triumph full of good songs, great arrangements, and a crack group of backing musicians led by the guitar playing of Nic Jones. Much of Airs and Graces is pure British folk, and Tabor has much fun with such ancient numbers as "While the Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping" and "Young Waters." The standout track, however, is her version of Eric Bogle's brilliant anti-war ode "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda." Sung a cappella, you can almost feel the bitterness in her voice, a breathtaking, stunning moment indicative of how amazing she can be. Reissued on compact disc by Shanachie.

01 - While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping (1:44) 
02 - Plains of Waterloo (4:38) 
03 - Bonny May (4:53) 
04 - Reynardine (2:54) 
05 - And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda (6:19)
06 - Young Waters (5:07) 
07 - Waly Waly (4:58) 
08 - The Merchant's Son (2:36) 
09 - Queen Among the Heather (3:49) 
10 - Pull Down Lads (2:55)

June Tabor: vocals
Nic Jones: acoustic guitar, fiddle
Tony Hall: melodeon
Jon Gillaspie: piano, organ, roxichord, bassoon, sopranino


CrimsonKing said...

Airs & Graces


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this. June is such a unique singer to me and instantly recognisable. Thanks very much CrimsonKing.

drizzz said...

A classic- thank you!

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