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Beatriz Pichi Malen - Plata (2000 Argentina) @320

Offered by Ova Chez, a FY's friend.

The Mapuche Indians marked the Argentinean history till the last quarter of the 19th century, when their military domination of the country's wide open spaces was crushed by the Argentinean army, finally armed with the most sophisticated weapons available at the time.

Today, the Mapuche culture and people are still alive in Argentina, much to the surprise of the white dominant society, which is just beginning to re-discover the indigenous foundation of their country.

Beatriz Pichi Malen is an heir to this history, dedicating her life to the search and transmission of the ancient Mapuche songs.

Beatriz Pichi Malen was born in Los Toldos, Province of Buenos Aires, and is the great great granddaughter of Coliqueo, the famous 19th-century Mapuche Chief. Since 1984 she has been active in the dissemination of Mapuche culture and history, collaborating with many educational institutions all over Argentina. Workshops and seminars on Mapuche song and dance make up an important part of her activities, especially with important festivals like the Festival de Cosquin, Province of Cordoba.

In 1994 she was awarded first prize in the category "vocal soloist" at the Festival de Cosquin, Argentina. That same year she began a series of presentations on Mapuche culture throughout Argentina, including a performance at the amphitheater of the Argentinean House of Deputies. In 1995 she was awarded the "Condor de Oro", followed in 1997 by, the "Argentinean Music Award" from Tribuna Musical Argentina in the ethnic music category. Tribuna Musical Argentina also selected one of Beatriz Pichi Malen's songs for the international CD release of the institute.

In 2000 the artist recorded her first CD of ancient Mapuche songs called Plata. The same year Beatriz Pichi Malen was the invited artist to take part in the Argentinean tour of Joe Zawinul and the Zawinul Syndicate.

01 - Kurüf Tayül (Cancion sagrada del viento)
02 - Poyenekayan (Seguire amando)
03 - Gürü Tayül (Grito del zorro)
04 - Ül Kantun (Canto popular)
05 - Logkanao (Danza mapuche)
06 - Canción Para Dormir a un Niño
07 - Nayen (Cancion de amor)
08 - Canción del Viudo
09 - Iapinilke Mapu (Tierra de Iapinilke)
10 - Müxün Tayül (Cancion Uxun)
11 - Pewen Tayül (Cancion del Pewen)
12 - Ül Kantun (Canto popular)
13 - Maci Ül (Cancion de la Machi)
14 - Iapinilke Mapu (Tierra de Iapinilke)
15 - Antü Tayül (Cancion del sol)
16 - Pensamiento de Aime Paine

Beatriz Pichi Malén: Voice and Mapuche Instruments
Nestor Lencenella: Synthesizers
Sergio Lencenella: Bass


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