Sunday, December 7, 2014

Julie Murphy - A Quite House (2012 Wales) @320

Julie Murphy’s voice has been described as “one of the finest of these islands” by BBC Folk on 2’s Mike Harding and has led to collaborations with music legends like Robert Plant, Danny Thompson and John Cale. Well known internationally for her work with innovative Welsh folk group fernhill she is also a highly respected songwriter and is about to release a new solo album, “A quiet house”, her first since “Lilac tree” ten years ago. The new album, recorded in her front room with engineer Jens Shroeder and produced by Murphy will be released on her own label and available on bandcamp via her website and at gigs.

The very personal, english language songs were written at the piano, an instrument Murphy started playing about two years ago ” when the house became suddenly quiet ” and are influenced ” as much by the paintings of Chagall and Ceri Richards as they are by folk song and the music of Steve Reich and Joanna Newsom “. The only other musician on the album is Welsh Canadian Ceri Owen Jones on trombone and harp. Jones, now living in Wales has a background in avant garde improv, jazz and ska which he explored as a member of Edmonton’s Chamber Graffitti, Calgary band No More Shapes and as guest musician with Tucson bands Calexico and Giant Sand.

The songs were recorded live, mostly first takes, with only the spoken word elements overdubbed. The piano and harp on Convoy, a setting of a poem by the Cornish poet Charles Causley, were completely improvised and the track includes murphy reading short entries from her father’s diary.

1. Piano Abstract
2. The Fountain
3. You Are Flown From Me
4. The Sugarspell
5. Kathleen
6. Convoy
7. Essex Song
8. Piano Lyrical

Julie Murphy: Vocals, Piano.
Ceri Owen Jones: Trombone, Harp ['Telor' Harp]


CrimsonKing said...

A Quite House


Arawen said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much!

CrimsonKing said...

My pleasure, Arawen.

ralph11 said...

I would hazard to say that , here in North America, Julie Murphy is not at all well known. That is however a great loss for the many who enjoy music. It is through your blog that I learned about her and I remain very grateful.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!!

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