Sunday, December 7, 2014

Whirling Pope Joan - Spin (1994 England) @192

'Whirling Pope Joan' were hurdy gurdy player Nigel Eaton and singer Julie Murphy. They
released one classic and groundbreaking album in 1994 called 'Spin' which included many
new compositions and versions of English, Breton and Welsh folk songs, This classic and rare album also has songs by Jimmy Sommerville and American songwriting genius Terry Allen.

1. Doldrum
2. Donna Lombarda
3. Ffoles Llantrisant
4. Puit D'Amour / Tiennet
5. False True Love
6. Sept Marins
7. Jasmine Sweet
8. Searching For Lambs / Lost Hearts
9. Captains Courageous
10. Ffarwel I Aberystwyth / Cote Pile
11. Scotis Lwyd / Scotis Syml
12. Bloodlines
13. Sept Marins Again / Hanter Dro

Ian Luff: Bass
Nigel Eaton: Hurdy Gurdy, Synthesizer, Drum Programming
Julie Murphy: Voice


CrimsonKing said...



Arawen said...

Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate your generous sharing!

coppinsuk said...


Sounds promising.

Not been keeping up with what's been happening in the 'folkscene', not since the BBC "Folk on Friday" (remember that? - with Wally Whyton and Jim Lloyd).

Occasionally I hear something interesting on BBC Radio 3 - at about midnight - otherwise your blogspot has proven invaluable.

Went to see Steeleye Span a couple of years ago - a mistake. So dead, all old folk just like myself. No dancing in the aisles, not that I would have liked to do that, but it just reflected how the audience had aged with the ageing 'folkies' - not engaging the younger audience.

Can anyone suggest other blogspots that I might subscribe to for the current folk genre.

Thanking you for all your efforts - much appreciated.


Douglas (UK)

Quia said...

CK, thanks for coming back. Where were you?

Anonymous said...

Very nice . it changes from the Nigel Eaton I knew in Blowzabella.
Thank you for sharing.

Yojik said...

Great! Thanks SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

How can I download this great album? thanks

CrimsonKing said...

Take a look in the first comment.
The album's name.

beetor said...

I like this, thank you!

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