Friday, January 30, 2015

Berrogüetto - Hepta (Spain 2001) @256

For those who still don't know them, the band Berrogüetto is considered by many around the world as one of the best Galician bands. This accomplishment stands out in itself if we take into account that one of the contestants for that title answers by the name of Milladoiro. Much of the success of the band is due to the acceptance of their first two albums, Navicularia and Viaxe por Urticaria, both of them true masterpieces whose main quality is the original and contemporary approach taken by the musicians to the traditional tunes.
There was therefore much expectation surrounding their third release, premiered in December 2001 in the Galician town of Santiago de Compostela. Hepta (seven in ancient Greek) is built around the number 7 and its several meanings in nature and society. Seven are the colors of the rainbow, seven are the main arts, seven are the musical notes, seven are the days of the week.

01 - Nanatsu
02 - Vinte Anos
03 - Heptacordo
04 - Baixando de ti
05 - Armenia
06 - Samesugas
07 - Setestrelo
08 - Hebdomadaria
09 - Albores
10 - Cantos de Monzo
11 - Gali@matías.tacom
12 - Alquimista de Soños
13 - Azul graso

Anxo Pintos (hurdy-gurdy, violin, saxophone, piano, bagpipes)
Isaac Palacín (Percussion)
Quico Comesaña (Bouzouki and harp)
Quin Farinha (violin)
Santiago Cribeiro (accordeon and piano)
Guillermo Fernández (guitar and bass)
Guadi Galego (vocals and bagpipes).
Guest musicians: 
Djivan Gasparian (duduk, Armenia)
Markus Svensson (nyckleharpa, Sweden)
Kalman Balogh (cimbalom, Hungary)


CrimsonKing said...



Brian G said...

Great albums. I am using your recommendations on my weekly radio show Most of the music I get through the station's Spotify account but many of these are not even on that!
Thanks a lot.
Brian G.

Barron said...

This is an incredible album. A new favorite I'll be listening to years from now. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks so much. I had been looking for this album for so long... Awesome.

Hawk said...

First off all - Thanx for your good work and your Blog. CrimsonKing.

For all who are interestet:
Track 13 is marked as Track 11.
Some Taggerprograms could go wrong with it

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks for your info.
Yes it's wrong.

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