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Triakel - Thyra [2014 Sweden] @320

"Thyra," this is the title from 1912 to 2001, surviving Swedish singer of traditional folk, Thyra Karlsson, meant. It is regarded as one of the best in their field in Sweden and collected in his lifetime a lot of popular songs. Your thus applies this plate of Triakel as a dedication.he powerful, sometimes roughly accented sounding Swedish language forms a very important aspect in the expression of this music and again I experience a Swedish lesson in the hope of learning something about it again. In the liner notes welcomes the daughter of Thyra Karlsson, that her mother will find more attention and a larger audience through this plate. So I hope that besides the band also Triakel this review may help a little.

This is the fifth studio album by the Swedish band and the focus is very much directed to the moment of their interpretation by the trio format and economical instrument with two violins and harmonium. And this is 'top notch', just like the song. The atmosphere is very vividly rendered, so you will inevitably entrained in this blast of various emotions. Because they are many different, except for the hope that is connected to the emigration to America ("Amerikaresan") or the atmosphere of the slow and sometimes a little sad, melancholic acting titles such as "Lantflickans Klagan". In this song I think quickly on similar sounding Celtic songs.

But with a perfect integration between vocals and violins in the opening song first develops a cheerful upbeat mood that is at "Kom blicka In På En Kyrkogård" replaced by a slightly swaying waltz atmosphere and at "Sparvens Visa" by the drones-sounding harmonium even a mystical orientation experiences. In "Om Jag En Gång Skall Ha En Man" strikes me that keep coming up such parts of a song that guides me in my memory in other directions: to Ireland to Scotland to elements that music from Louisiana who established themselves as Cajun was. Music is just international influences come from different regions and with migrations were widespread. Very happy and elated ecstatic us the "Skolsång", an atmosphere that frequently encounter in their life-term on the board.

At the end of this very good record there is a special feature, because with "Hjältevisa Vid Fem År" we hear an original song by Thyra Karlsson, from the book "Reading For Children Vol.7". The lecture is solo and quite lively. This is a nice touch, grab a song dedicated to the end as the final statement of her to do so.

Wolfgang Giese

01 - Lillade Anna
02 - Kom Blicka In Pa En Kyrkogard
03 - Sparvens Visa
04 - Gubben Och Gumman
05 - Om Jag En Gang Skall Ha En Man
06 - Tusen Tankar
07 - Skolsang
08 - Med Tarar
09 - Amerikaresan
10 - Lantflickans Klagan
11 - Herr Peder
12 - Var Blommar Fridens Stangel
13 - Skomakarvisa
14 - Stjarnorna Blinka
15 - Thyra Karlsson - Hjaltevisa

Fiddle – Emma Härdelin, Kjell-Erik Eriksson
Harmonium – Janne Strömstedt
Vocals – Emma Härdelin
Songwriter – Thyra Karlsson


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Great news!! I've been searching for Triakel albums since some time, now. Thanks!

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Muitíssimo obrigado!

Adoro Triakel. É suberbo!
Adoro particularmente a voz desta Senhora. Enche a minha alma!
José, Portugal

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wheres the download link mate,cant find it,greetings from india

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In the first comment.

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É possível colocar:
-Agnes Buen Garnas & Jan Garbarek Rosensfole - Medieval Songs from Norway?

Muitíssimo obrigado!

José, Portugal

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Thanks from Chile.

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You're welcome Balder.

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