Thursday, March 5, 2015

Triakel - Ulrikas minne - Visor från Frostviken [2011 Sweden] @320

Westpark give us regularly wonderfully minimalist gifts from Scandinavia. The new sign of life of many years of cult-Folker Triakel fits seamlessly into the label history: for instance, can be beautiful folk music.

Triakel prove once more as musical ambassadors of their country.Much to "Ulrika Minne" is extremely catchy, which, given the work-up of traditional songs treasures Sweden also is close; Finally, these are the sounds and lyrics of ordinary people, where the meaning was not spun by avant-garde and stands, but according to expressed emotion in sounds. When it comes Triakel hence the little big feelings, especially nowadays where you can not be too often because the hustle and bustle of everyday life rarely gives the chance. By switching off one should not equate TRIAKELs music or the sighted song material, however; too diverse are the emotions to which it moves the minds of the listeners, and eagerly and passionately puts the trio to this. As examples of just waltz ends "Sara" and "Kråkvisa" are mentioned as well as the almost gejodelte "Dryckesvisa". This shows once more, supposedly typical folk music styles are as near to the world. The man encounters if not themselves, yet in each case a brother a sister respectively in dealing with such songs. The Einfindung in the dreamy advances "Brännvinet", "Stina" and "Näktergalen" is therefore in no way dependent on the origin of the recipient; Only the open ear is enough.

Rarely sound Triakel euphoric as in "Karna" and so fragile as the final fragment with guest singer. Friends of unreinforced or non-electronic winged Lumsk and Hedningarna and especially the fabric of the Swedish Silence labels should definitely listen and immediately, download the translation of the lyrics from the site of the record company ... for the record Welgen and wiser becoming.

CONCLUSION: Triakel continue to be a figurehead, when it comes to Scandinavian folk music. Although they lay hands on "Ulrika Minne" to foreign, this takes away none of its relevance. At the same time you order turns out, the timelessness of the material used - and Leisetreter know what to do.

01. Uti Friska Gräset Gröna  2:13
02. Sara  2:33
03. Dryckesvisa  1:49
04. Brännvinet  3:43
05. Kråkvisa  2:24
06. Karna  2:54
07. Stina  3:02
08. Visa Från Raukasjö  3:51
09. Polska Efter Fredrik Andersson, Raukasjö  2:10
10. Näktergalen  2:51
11. De Unga Jäntorna  2:16
12. Kallt Väder  4:35
13. Filligutten  2:49
14. Väckelsevisa  3:06
15. Just På Timman 24  1:57

Vocals, Fiddle – Emma Härdelin
Fiddle – Kjell-Erik Eriksson
Harmonium – Janne Strömstedt
Vocals – Bodöoktetten (tracks: 13), Mattias Warg (tracks: 5)
Bass – Lars Ericsson (tracks: 2)


CrimsonKing said...

Ulrikas minne - Visor från Frostviken


Anonymous said...

I saw this band play several times on their visits to the US about 15 years ago. I never would have guessed they would still be putting out such amazing records. Long live Triakel!!!

DiegOrlok said...

Thanks! These days I've been listening Triakel, Garmarna and a little of "Härdellin, Hallberg, Hertzberg, Stabi".


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