Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alain Pennec - Accordeon Diatonique (France 1983) @128

By request

Alain Pennec started his musical career in the early 70's during the major revival of celtic culture, learning to play bagpipes and bombarde. He soon began playing in duo (biniou-bombarde) with his brother and also with groups such as Kouerien Sant Yann or Sonerien Du.
He discovered the diatonic accordion in 1978. Between 1980 and 1989, playing with the group Tammles, one of the best loved fest noz groups at the time, he contributed to the renaissance of traditional folk music via more electric interpretations before coming back to a much more accoustic sound.
Since 1990, Alain has been at the origin of many different projects with growing sucess, solos, duos with the storyteller Gigi Bigot, the singer Roland Brou, Youenn Landreau , Sébastien Bertrand with the group Hirio and more recently with Denez Prigent, les Quatre Jean, and his Quartet.
01 - Aeroplanes du Coglais
02 - Larides Gavotte de Pontivy
03 - Scottish du Père Rouxel
04 - Marches des Pays de Vilaine
05 - Suite montagne
06 - Larides de Josselin
07 - Dérobée de Guingamp
08 - Hanter dro
09 - Maraîchines
10 - Drao
11 - Kost ar c'hoat

Alain PENNEC: Accordéon diatonique, Flûte, Northumberland small-pipe, Bombarde. 
Marc JACQUIER: Guitare.
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